Lebensraum=Manifest Destiny=Promised Land=Central Kingdom=Dar al-Harb (دار الحرب‎ )

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“First, at the time Barbarossa opened on 22 June 1941 the idea of gaining Lebensraum (living space) for the German people had been obsessing Hitler for almost two decades. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but always on his mind. Barbarossa, in other words, was the culmination of everything Hitler had ever sought. The loadstar, so to speak, that, along with the destruction of the Jews, seemed to make sense of the gigantic enterprise on which he embarked, causing all the other pieces to fall into place.”

Americanism Manifest Destiny-First People

Judiaism Promised Land-Chosen People-Palestinians

Hanism- Tibetans, Uigurs

Isalm-ism- non Muslims

Deity-political faith-racial faith- approves of extermination of all nons

Phrenology alert

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Both Cuomos are ethically untethered

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one politically and morally

the other journalistically

Konfederates Kouldn’t Count, their ‘modern’ descendants still kan’t.

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Man the killer

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““Humans are the only species that treat the dead with the same consideration, respect and delicacy, and if we even say tenderness, that we dedicate to the living,” she said.”

Yes Pollyana and since we are having a kumbaya moment it is in order to note that humans are the only species whose members travel the world turning the living into the dead with such “considerations” as gas chambers, concentration camps, genocide, carpet bombing, agent orange, and other forms of mass murder.

Which makes it an aberrant and dangerous species which one would not make a mistake avoiding.

Honesty and competence lacking in the political class that “governs” in Hawaii

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And it is to always be kept in mind that Blangiardi thought voting for Trump in 2016 was the best idea.

The absence of competence and honesty in the gang members that govern Hawaii is always an issue.

If it isn’t one it is the other.

It is almost always both and almost never neither.

Resolved: Not all legislative enactments are entitled to a ‘presumption’ of constitutionality… None where interests are protected.

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In the law of the United States, the presumption of constitutionality presumes that all statutes are drafted in accordance with Federal and state constitutional requirements. The party challenging the constitutionality of a statute bears the burden of proof, and any doubts are resolved against that party. If there are two reasonable interpretations of a statute, one of which is constitutional and the other not, the courts choose the path that permits upholding the statute.[16]

This global universal rule which is premised upon something false when interests of the individual legislators are involved such as districting.

NO presumptions regarding districting or almost all regulations of voting which lessen the chances of a citizen voting.

Liar-ing, a settled Trump character trait

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Donald Trump, we know, is a liar—not just in the sense that he has told lies (which most of us do sometimes), but in the sense of being an inveterate lie-teller, thousands upon thousands of lies, a man whose propensity to falsehood is one of the leading hallmarks of his character. Here too, terminology is interesting: the transition from particular wrongdoing—telling this or that lie—to “liar” as a settled character trait.7

Source: DAMNED LIES Jeremy Waldron

7 Augustine’s discussion, mentioned in Harry Frankfurt, On Bullshit (Princeton, 2005), 58.

Resolved: If the government of a country creates refugees, the country has a moral duty to provide relief for those refugees including allowing them in.

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Resolved: the only proper role for government, laws, and the legal order is to increase the security of the individuals it governs. Any political party opposing security for the least powerful in society enemies itself to the entire society.

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precarious priˈkɛriəs

precarity priˈkɛrɪti

security sɪˈkjʊrəti

charity ˈʧɛrɪti  

noun: precarity;

plural noun: precarities

  1. the state of being precarious or uncertain.”the precarity of the housing market”
    • a state of persistent insecurity with regard to employment or income.”growing economic precarity”


early 20th century: from precarious + -ity.

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