‘Herd Immunity’ is just another American-style capitalism game of “Heads, I win. Tails, you lose.”

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Organ harvesting in the CCP-run PRC… no surprise

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When a culture sets up the state as an object of worship, then the state, being god, can do no wrong. thus organ harvesting is “okay”.


All on Stolen land…

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Let us call her Ms. X. She is an Israeli and in her forties. She has black hair, likes to put on makeup, and wears high-heeled shoes. The reason why I heard of her was because she was teaching my sixteen-year old grandson, Orr, literature. Not that she could not make her living in any other way, as is often the case with teachers. But because she loved the written word and wanted to share her love with her students. To do so she left her job as a chief nurse, took a B.A, and spent another year earning her teaching license.



It flabbergasts me that Zionists claim “god given title”. And that they are entitled to evict the occupants/owners because well ‘god”. Fuck them and the god they rode in on. It is theft at gunpoint with guns paid for by US taxpayers. Brave little Israel does exist but for the American taxpayer.



Biden = Trump = Biden = Trump-Position on Zionism

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The Olympian Dark Side… sports as opiate

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Identity this!

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Third World US–plagues and prisons

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It is bipartisan. NJ is a Dem state.


Citizens United Fallout-The Reactionaries on the Court put elected offices up for sale…

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Ohio House Speaker Arrested in Alleged $60 Million Racketeering, Bribery, Money Laundering Scheme; A Window Into Politics in America


He ascended the throne after buying it from the Praetorian Guard.

The Citizens United Case makes elections auctions by legalizing the bribes misnamed as “contributions”.


The relentless ineptitude of [fake] State of Hawaii governance…

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Trump’s Third-Worlding of the US

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Columbus ‘paramilitary’ police with assault weapons jump out of unmarked vans to abduct protester