Dopefest: David Brooks and Cass Sunstein.

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If it is signed by a PRC lawyer, it is signed by a CCP lawyer.

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It is worth remembering that Chinese lawyers who openly challenge the CCP’s views face disbarment, imprisonment and torture. The Beijing Lawyers Association (北京市律师协会), which has had Zhang as chairman and Chen in committee positions, itself stands accused of complicity with the persecution of human-rights lawyers. Chen Jihong’s status as an “outstanding lawyer Party member” (优秀律师党员) makes him even less likely than a less-connected lawyer to dare contradict the Party-state’s defence of Huawei.

If it is the CPC-run PRC speaking, it’s likely dishonest

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“The series of warnings against Chinese technology company Huawei in various Western countries is often predicated on a legal argument: according to recent legislation, all Chinese citizens and organisations are obliged to cooperate upon request with PRC intelligence operations — and also maintain the secrecy of such operations. Such duty is explicitly stipulated in Article 7 of the 2017 “PRC national intelligence-gathering activities law” (中华人民共和国国家情报法).

This law in effect only codifies common practice in an increasingly totalitarian regime. Even before current CCP Secretary General Xi Jinping came to power, it would have been difficult for a Chinese citizen to turn down a request for cooperation from the PRC intelligence apparatus. With Xi’s centralisation of CCP power, and in an atmosphere of constant struggle against “hostile foreign forces“(境外敌对势力), refusing cooperation becomes all but impossible, regardless of the actual letter of applicable laws.

Rule by law

Ironically, the laws that now bring so much trouble to Huawei were originally adopted to streamline CCP control under the concept of “rule by law” (依法治国) — not to be mistaken for rule of law. The “rule by law” system is designed to help the CCP exercise its monopoly on power without everyday political intervention. The CCP decides what the law is, and most situations are then dealt with mechanically through approved procedures until the Party decides otherwise.”


Pinker me this…

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What would the label be for someone who is the opposite of a polymath? A polydunce?

Stupid NY Times article on ‘polling’

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“It also helps explain why recent polls show that a majority of Democrats would rather see the party become more moderate than move leftward, even as progressives clamor for a Green New Deal or Medicare for all.”

What does ‘more moderate’ even mean other than empty pleasant sounding words on a page.


Excreta in CPC-controlled Chinese Science writing from Atlantis Press

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The Implication of the Interaction Between Excellent
Traditional Culture Education and the Cultivation of
Socialist Core Values
Baozhi Wang
Hunan Judicial Police Vocational College
Changsha, China 410205
Guo Yang
School of Marxism
Hunan Normal University
Changsha, China 410081
Abstract—The interaction between excellent traditional
culture education and the cultivation of socialist core values is
the continuation of historical pulsation, the inheritance of
national spirit, and the call of the mission of the times. To
further promote the benign interaction between the two, we must
recognize it from the perspective of history and the times, focus
on the characteristics and social characteristics of the new era,
and better realize the free and comprehensive development
services of people.
Keywords—excellent traditional culture education; cultivation
of socialist core values; implication of the interaction



They say “Federalist”. I’d say “Fascist” Deranged-Rachel Stoltzfoos.

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or simply a mouthpiece for the “Whites’ Last Stand”?

Only white US’ers have photographs. Its idea of diversity seems to be an immigrant from China..