Silly predictable bullshit that passes as ‘social science’… you can judge a paper by its title

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…the social-psychology-article template, with features such as a double-barreled title with catchy phrase followed by a deterministic claim (“Poisoned Praise: Discounted Praise Backfires and Undermines Subordinate Impressions in the Minds of the Powerful”) and a lead-off celebrity quote (“Flattery and knavery are blood relations. — Abraham Lincoln”).


Divest from these

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Alexander’s was not an ‘army’ in any sense other than a criminal gang, or venture/vulture capitalists…

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Fearing his veterans, Alexander once more prepared his way with generosity. It was his oldest tactic, and one which had nearly saved him on the river Beas. The Susa weddings had been the most prodigal display of his career and none of the guests could have failed to enjoy it, but the common soldiers still needed more reward than the dowries for their mistresses. As a balance to his officers’ festivities Alexander announced that he was willing to pay off the debts of the entire army. Presumably, the soldiers were owed arrears of pay, as sufficient treasure could never have been carried in coin to keep them up to date in India, but it was not just the arrears that Alexander had in mind; they would also have lived on credit with the camp-traders, women and such quartermasters as were not paid in kind, and these debts remained to be paid to as many camp followers as survived to collect them.

Alexander and His Veterans I

My favorite creature in all Creation…

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A reminder the pro football honors veteral of illegal wars who are possibly war criminals.

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elow is the list of the 15 Medal of Honor recipients participating in the coin toss:
Vietnam was an U.S. unconstitutional war and an international war of aggression hence an illegal war
Missing were the Korean Police action which is still a war

Afghanistan began as a sanctioned international war but a US unconstitional war
Iraq is missing.

I don’t begrudge the WWII veterans. All the others are unconstitional war veterans. Vietnam most especially as chemical war [Agent Orange] and war crimes ‘galore’ were committed.

Bennie Adkins: Army, Vietnam (award delayed 9/15/2014)

Don Ballard: Navy, Vietnam (awarded 5/14/1970)

Sammy Davis: Army, Vietnam (awarded 11/18/1967)

Roger Donlon: Army, Vietnam (awarded 12/5/1964)

Sal Giunta: Army, Afghanistan (awarded 11/16/2010)

Flo Groberg: Army, Afghanistan (awarded 11/12/2015)

Tom Kelley: Navy, Vietnam (awarded 5/17/1969)

Allan Kellogg: Marines, Vietnam (awarded 10/15/1973)

Gary Littrell: Army, Vietnam (awarded 10/15/1973)

Walter Marm: Army, Vietnam (awarded 12/19/1966)

Robert Patterson: Army, Vietnam (awarded 10/10/1969)

Leroy Petry: Army, Afghanistan (awarded 7/12/2011)

Clint Romesha: Army, Afghanistan (awarded 2/11/2013)

James Taylor: Army, Vietnam (awarded 11/19/1968)

Woody Williams: Marines, WWII (awarded 10/5/1945)


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Too good to be true: when overwhelming evidence fails to convince
Lachlan J. Gunn,1, Francois Chapeau-Blondeau,2, y Mark D. McDonnell,3, z
Bruce R. Davis,1, x Andrew Allison,1, { and Derek Abbott1,

Lies, non-stop

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