Limitless US imperialism on display…

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Rome rules the world.

Augustus rules Rome.

Livia rules Augustus.

The US rules the world.

Zionists rule the US.




Under the Trump Rule this person is as “lawful target” as Qasem Soleimani. Pompeo is also. And any US General.

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Criminals rightly fear courts… Zionism’s criminals do too.

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US capitalism is often socialism for business…

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Money quote:

“If China’s priority sectors match those of your business, 2020 will be a good year to step up as the taps of government funding remain open for now.”

I think, but I am not sure that…. Memory impairment is not inevitable.

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Moral dilemma: If a scooter rider goes down is it a violation of the prime directive to 911? WWDD?

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What would Darwin do?

If the CPC has allowed you out of the PRC there is more than a small probability that you are working for the CPC… That’s how totalitarian prison countries operate. Everyone is on parole and you do as you are told by the Party

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