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A reminder the pro football honors veteral of illegal wars who are possibly war criminals.

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elow is the list of the 15 Medal of Honor recipients participating in the coin toss:
Vietnam was an U.S. unconstitutional war and an international war of aggression hence an illegal war
Missing were the Korean Police action which is still a war

Afghanistan began as a sanctioned international war but a US unconstitional war
Iraq is missing.

I don’t begrudge the WWII veterans. All the others are unconstitional war veterans. Vietnam most especially as chemical war [Agent Orange] and war crimes ‘galore’ were committed.

Bennie Adkins: Army, Vietnam (award delayed 9/15/2014)

Don Ballard: Navy, Vietnam (awarded 5/14/1970)

Sammy Davis: Army, Vietnam (awarded 11/18/1967)

Roger Donlon: Army, Vietnam (awarded 12/5/1964)

Sal Giunta: Army, Afghanistan (awarded 11/16/2010)

Flo Groberg: Army, Afghanistan (awarded 11/12/2015)

Tom Kelley: Navy, Vietnam (awarded 5/17/1969)

Allan Kellogg: Marines, Vietnam (awarded 10/15/1973)

Gary Littrell: Army, Vietnam (awarded 10/15/1973)

Walter Marm: Army, Vietnam (awarded 12/19/1966)

Robert Patterson: Army, Vietnam (awarded 10/10/1969)

Leroy Petry: Army, Afghanistan (awarded 7/12/2011)

Clint Romesha: Army, Afghanistan (awarded 2/11/2013)

James Taylor: Army, Vietnam (awarded 11/19/1968)

Woody Williams: Marines, WWII (awarded 10/5/1945)


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Too good to be true: when overwhelming evidence fails to convince
Lachlan J. Gunn,1, Francois Chapeau-Blondeau,2, y Mark D. McDonnell,3, z
Bruce R. Davis,1, x Andrew Allison,1, { and Derek Abbott1,

Lies, non-stop

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An argument against ‘aid’ as done by the West or the East…. it debilitates. Haiti is one of the most ‘aided’ countries in the world…

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Ghana’s first president accurately predicted what Africa’s former European colonizers would do

Do we need to know any more to reject it?

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New Democrat Coalition PAC, which represents the pro-Wall Street wing of House Democrats

He’ lying of course….

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