Freddie Kagan Chicken-hawk imperialist blames Biden for the failure of Chicken-hawk’s project.

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Kontempt for Kagan is the only reasonable response to this Rosenbergian-propagandist for illegal wars kkkkoward.

Mark Dubowitz, war criminal and CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies… coward

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Mark Dubowitz is CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

A thoroughly repelling human being…

President Trump has been remarkably consistent even if the rest of Washington hasn’t

Mark Dubowitz | Chief Executive

The lawful killing of arch terrorist Qassem Soleimani, the commander of Iran’s Quds Force, should be welcomed by all who applauded the liquidation of Osama bin Laden by President Barack Obama.

Soleimani, like bin Laden, murdered and maimed thousands of Americans. He also destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Israel, Gaza — and in Iran itself.

A debate about the wisdom of the strike has predictably erupted in Washington along partisan lines. But the chatter obscures a crucial question. Does President Donald Trump have a coherent Iran strategy?

He does. It’s called “maximum pressure.” It wields all instruments of national power to weaken the Islamic Republic of Iran. For three years, this strategy has relied primarily on sanctions. Those sanctions have precipitated a severe recession in Iran, depriving the regime of the money it needs to destabilize the region, as well as a political crisis with mass demonstrations against the mullahs and their proxies in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon.

For the administration, if that strategy led to negotiations that improved upon the fatally flawed 2015 nuclear agreement (a deal that enriched the regime and gave it patient pathways to nuclear weapons as restrictions disappeared) that was desirable. If it led to regime collapse, and a less hostile government, even better. If it simply weakened the regime, leaving it fewer resources to perpetrate violence, that would be fine, too.

What the strategy lacked was military deterrence. The regime in Iran has been wreaking havoc across the Middle East with impunity. But there was a logic to Trump’s approach.

While wary of conflict, his red line was American blood. Tehran attacked U.S. allies and global energy assets for the past year without a response. Then Soleimani killed an American and wounded four others in Iraq, and was reportedly plotting additional attacks. Trump responded unequivocally.

With the Islamic Republic on its back foot, there’s little doubt the regime will escalate. Trump has warned, however, that shedding more American blood will prompt direct strikes against 52 targets across Iran.

Maximum pressure continues. If the regime isn’t careful, Trump could further escalate pressure and even threaten the survival of the regime.

Trump has been remarkably consistent even if the rest of Washington hasn’t. It’s now Tehran’s move.

Mark Dubowitz is CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

The headline says “kill” but ‘murder’ is more accurate… Zionism’s foreign policy

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Israel Is the Only Country in the World Killing Iranians, Senior Israeli Minister Boasts

Occupation, Zionist Style..

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jus ad bello-the justice of initiating a state of war

jus in bello-the justice of the prosecution of the war.

Zionist Israel, may  have adhered to the priniciples of jus ad bello. Somewhere, sometime after it began it cease to adhere to the principles of jus in bello and has turned into a criminal state based upon ethno-religio principles, half-nazi/apartheid, half-taliban.


When war criminals are not prosecuted, they remain as enemies of democracy. John Yoo

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Simple Murder, or US foreign policy?

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Lawfare defends wars of aggression by proxy, call it murder by proxy or murder for hire

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All of the current problems in Libya were caused by Clinton II and Obama.

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This is what a criminal regime would do, wouldn’t it? Hamper the investigation.

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They call themselves the “Federalist” Society…. Fascist Society is more accurate.

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National Security Advisor John Bolton had already signaled such a move last September in a speech to the Federalist Society. In what the Guardian calledan “excoriating attack” on the International Criminal Court, or ICC, Bolton said, “The United States will use any means necessary to protect our citizens and those of our allies from unjust prosecution by this illegitimate court.”

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