They call themselves the “Federalist” Society…. Fascist Society is more accurate.

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National Security Advisor John Bolton had already signaled such a move last September in a speech to the Federalist Society. In what the Guardian calledan “excoriating attack” on the International Criminal Court, or ICC, Bolton said, “The United States will use any means necessary to protect our citizens and those of our allies from unjust prosecution by this illegitimate court.”

Welcome to “Named after sexual predator International Airport” Have a nice day.

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Surely this a sensible recommendation: “Why not name the airport after Mark Takai or Dan Akaka or Patsy Mink, all of whom served us well? Or what about astronaut Ellison Onizuka, a man who gave his life in search of the stars?”

But one way to avoid the problem of post-morten [or pre-mortem for that matter] bubbling to the surface of ugly truths about persons who have done ‘some good’ is to simply not name things after people at all as it avoids the a couple of problems: changing attitudes towards what is ‘admirable’; newly discovered facts; new cogency of previously known facts.

Five generations ago William McKinley presided over the beginning of the US war Philippine independence which may have resulted in the death of 10% of all Filipinos [yes, there is some uncertainty]; seems to have been where the US military first learned the techniques practiced in Abhu Ghraib [and like the abuses in Iraq, were covered up; yet he got a High School named after him in Honolulu. Coming up on twenty generations ago Andrew Jackson ethnically cleansed Native Americans in a manner little different from modern day genocidists.

Honolulu High is a fine name.

Honolulu International Airport is a fine name.

The Council on Foreign Relations prefers US bombing to Chinese building…

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Just another War Criminal… Ricardo Hausmann… Robbery at gunpoint economist.

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They say “Secretary of State”. I say “head of organized crime”…

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