The CPC-run PRC is going down the Nazi path

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Doing Badly Something that Shouldn’t be done at all. The costliest, losingest military in human history…

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Causes of Death in the US… reasonable worries

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The CPC-run PRC calls it “social credit score”. I’d call it a ‘badge of slavery’

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The relentlessly corrupt ruling class of US Occupied Hawaii…

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This is what totalitarians do… CPC-run PRC

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China’s Communist Party wants a global gulag


A Swedish citizen was abducted in Thailand and flown to China after publishing books critical of the Chinese authorities, and a British citizen from Hull was snatched in Beijing airport and jailed for comments he’d made on Facebook. He was on his way from the Philippines to the UK and only stopping off briefly in the airport, but he ended up spending two weeks in prison for the crime of “not being a friend to China.” The Party’s thugs have physically assaulted journalists in the US for publishing anti-CCP content,5 they have kidnapped and tortured booksellers in Hong Kong, and they have attempted to murder independent journalists in Australia. They locked British businessman Peter Humphrey into an iron chair inside a steel cage and drugged him in order to elicit a confession. They hounded New Zealand academic Anne-Marie Brady, punishing her for researching the CCP’s foreign influence by sending their goons to break into her home in Christchurch, tamper with her car, burgle her office, and send her threatening letters.

Capitalism’s essential corruption-Equifax

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