We live in a time of vast corruption and sleazery. Epstein, the Trump, and the Clintons are both perpetrators and evidence…

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The truly awful ruling class…




This is what a criminal regime would do, wouldn’t it? Hamper the investigation.

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Trump not yet found guilty…

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The AG is a political appointee of the person being investigated. Hardly an objective source. I’ll wait for the full report. Trump has admitted in civil court to defrauding students of “Trump University” and paid out $25M. He’s a con and a grifter, nothing more, nothing less. Why was his campaign even talking to the Russians? Under what theory of patriotism is that even acceptable? It is tantamount to treason. If there were a war on it would be treason. People see what they want to see. I see a corrupt business person who is a tax cheat, a demonstrated liar, racist, sexual predator. This is Trump mocking a disabled reporter. Explain it away as much as you feel the need to but the media didn’t invent the photograph. Mocking the crippled…. He’ll mock dead children sooner or later. wouldn’t put it past him. How much respect is such a person entitled to? Mocking someone’s disability. We probably shouldn’t discuss this matter as it poisonous and he truly brings out worst in both his supporters and opponents. I have nothing more to say on the matter. Trump’s regime isn’t over. I’ll wait for the full report as it is premature to come to any permanent conclusions without the facts. Nothing to get excited about he’s just another crooked politician enriching himself at the public trough to which he has invited all his family and they have their snouts and all four legs in it. Not unlike Clinton I and II I’d note. I’ll make a prediction that history will see his administration as the most corrupt since Harding’s. And I actually like a bit of his foreign policy and think Clinton II’s foreign policy would have been much worse.

Inspired by Trump… Trumpism

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Trump’s Civil War… on US Nationals

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He knew too much about Trump….

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