Liar-ing, a settled Trump character trait

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Donald Trump, we know, is a liar—not just in the sense that he has told lies (which most of us do sometimes), but in the sense of being an inveterate lie-teller, thousands upon thousands of lies, a man whose propensity to falsehood is one of the leading hallmarks of his character. Here too, terminology is interesting: the transition from particular wrongdoing—telling this or that lie—to “liar” as a settled character trait.7

Source: DAMNED LIES Jeremy Waldron

7 Augustine’s discussion, mentioned in Harry Frankfurt, On Bullshit (Princeton, 2005), 58.

Trump’s Third-Worlding of the US

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Columbus ‘paramilitary’ police with assault weapons jump out of unmarked vans to abduct protester


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I have yet to discover any truly intentionally humorous thing Trump has ever said. He seems to be lacking the particular human gene.

Why is Trump so hateful? Because he knows he ainʻt shit.

Trump and bribes, of course.

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And the lack of effective law enforcement allows the small time crook to become president.


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