Totalitarian Communist Party of China practices oppression worldwide

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Organ harvesting in the CCP-run PRC… no surprise

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When a culture sets up the state as an object of worship, then the state, being god, can do no wrong. thus organ harvesting is “okay”.

Totalitarianist CCP-run PRC

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There are two plagues in China: CV-19 and the CPC

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Hong Kong rounds up pro-democracy leaders as Beijing asserts power over the city

Totalitarian Death Threat

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Totalitarians “think” that “total control” is both “possible” and “desirable” when, in the real world, it is neither. Totalitarians can kill ya’ [midnight arrests and disappearances] and “get ya’ killed” by their theory. The totalitarian Han-dominated Chinese Communist Party thinks it “knows” and thinks it can “control”.

“Beijing knew what was going on all along and chose to keep the public and the world in the dark instead of deploying serious efforts to contain the disease when it could still be contained locally. Its responsibility for causing this mess to the Chinese people and the world is undeniable, though these days they are very aggressive in mobilizing its propaganda machine to control the narrative about it globally. ”

This attitude/approach may well work for poverty reduction; environmental protection; traffic control. Ordinary control matters. Not for epidemics.

Excellent Caixin piece on COVID-19: who knew what and when

Even plagues have silver linings…

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Totalitarianism grows itself with every opportunity as it recognizes no limits

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Snakes in Jars !!! Totalitarianism as a killer. Han Communists…

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In a totalitarian system, if the “leader” believes [and it is a non-evidence based belief in my opinion] that “traditional medicine” is “real medicine”, then the “medical system” will get lots of people dead over the long haul and sometimes very many dead over the short haul.

“The human capital deficiencies are compounded by government priorities. Buoyed by nationalistic support from Chairman Xi Jinping to traditional Chinese medicine, it occupies the second largest market share of the retail drug market behind chemical pharmaceuticals 29% to 43%. Leaving aside the weak evidence of traditional Chinese medicine efficacy in clinical trials, it diverts enormous resources from mainline medical service delivery and research at the altar of nationalistic sentiment. Addressing major public health challenges are better targets for public spending than boosting nationalist fervor.”

Winnie the Totalitarian Pooh will do things that kill yooh…

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If the CPC has allowed you out of the PRC there is more than a small probability that you are working for the CPC… That’s how totalitarian prison countries operate. Everyone is on parole and you do as you are told by the Party

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