Totalitarian CCP-run PRC will militarize everything that can be? Why? Not to play nice for sure.

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The term megaparasite comes to mind.

Organ harvesting in the CCP-run PRC… no surprise

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When a culture sets up the state as an object of worship, then the state, being god, can do no wrong. thus organ harvesting is “okay”.

Totalitarianist CCP-run PRC

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MADE IN CHINA MEANS you can’t be sure it wasn’t MADE IN PRISON

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China-made tech gadgets made with forced labor

It is safer to simply not buy anything made in the CPC-run PRC….

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Forced Labor in China: Don’t Trust AND Do Verify


The CCP-run PRC aims to train a population into being a society of faceless lab rats learning a maze via surveillance and punishment.

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Never trust the totalitarian Han-dominated Communist Party of China-controlled Peoples Republic of China

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Being totalitarians, enamoured of Carl Schmittian juridical concepts [as was Adolph], they don’t believe in your freedom in any sense of the term that you would understand. They do believe they have the ‘right’ to totally control you and what you do and say.

They are the most recent enemy of human freedom following those they agree with [Lenin, Stalin] and those whose practices they adopt [Hitler, Pol Pot]


This is what totalitarians do. Though the NY Times should write “arrested” or “jail” or “imprisoned” or “kidnapped” not “detained”

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Amazon is just like the CPC-run PRC

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This is what totalitarians do… It looks like China is on the Nazi road…

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