Cato Institute. A one note band.

April 10, 2020 § Leave a comment

A “one-note” band is a musical group that can play only one note.

The Cato is a “one-note” propagandist for “open markets”.

It is a blindness to the complexity of how the universe works. For example, this statement.

“Eliminating trade barriers is essential to the task of containing the COVID-19 pandemic and minimizing its human and economic costs.”

What is the mechanism by which “elimination of  trade barriers” “contains” a plague?

Cato presents no evidence and it seems to me that in times of plague you would want “barriers” generally to slow down transmission. Even in times of no plague barriers slow things down. Often slowing down is a “good thing” from a quality of life perspective.


Or take this ‘argument’

“Yet dozens of governments have imposed restrictions on exports, and others appear to be taking steps toward “repatriating” medical supply chains to achieve self‐​sufficiency in critical items. These actions are compounding a time‐​to‐​market problem caused by preexisting policies such as tariffs on medical goods, divergences between governments in regulatory requirements, and rigid intellectual property protections of medicines and devices.”

Starting a sentence with “yet” is a tipoff that what is to follow likely is not evidence but propaganda.

“Yet A of B have imposed C on D and E appear to be taking F toward G [when something is in “” there is a falsehood nearby] H to achieve I in J.”

Since when is “self-sufficiency” in times of plague a bad idea?


“Please join us for a conversation and learn how the strategic stockpiling of medical supplies, the World Trade Organization and other international bodies, the easing of regulatory restrictions through mutual recognition, and fresh approaches to encouraging medical innovation can all play important roles in the effort to rein in the crisis.”

And this is just a bunch of empty phrases strung together.


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