Thought for the day… What has the US Government done, in your life time, that you can be proud of?

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Worst government on the planet.

Democraphic panic-white style

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Movers and stayers


Ivan Krastev’s ‘After Europe’? He deals with this re Easern Europe:

“Curiously, demographic panic is one of the least discussed factors shaping eastern Europeans’ reaction toward refugees. But it is a critical one. Nations and states have an unfortunate habit of disappearing in the recent history of eastern and central Europe. In the last twenty-five years, around 10 percent of Bulgarians have left the country in order to live and work abroad. According to United Nations projections, Bulgaria’s population is expected to shrink by 27 percent by 2050. Alarm over “ethnic disappearance” can be discerned in many of the small nations of Eastern Europe. For them, the arrival of migrants signals their exit from history, and the popular argument that an aging Europe needs migrants only strengthens the growing sense of existential melancholy.

All these murderous governments were US supported…

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Prosecuting Scum…

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or is it Prosecutor Scum…

Neo-slavery in the US since 1878

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You’re going to reinstitute a form of neoslavery, and that’s exactly what happened.

This is what a criminal regime would do, wouldn’t it? Hamper the investigation.

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During the Weimar Republic, the reactionary/conservatives of government didn’t prosecute the Nazis and

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while it did prosecute leftists for identical acts of political violence. The Nazis were empowered and emboldened by the lack of the state’s response….the same is happening now in the US leftists are prosecuted as terrorists, right wing terrorists are prosecuted as common criminals. Will the Fourth Reich arise in the US?

Trump’s Civil War… on US Nationals

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Meddling in Venezuela’s functioning democracy while North Carolina isn’t yet one…

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