If I need some money err shirts laundered… Cayetano for bagperson err Governor

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She supported Blangiardi who thought that voting for Trump in 2016 was a good idea [I don’t recall if he ever copped to voting for Trump in 2020]. She’s a Republican who’s laundering herself as a Democrat.

Cayetano crook

Caldwell even worse, a lobbyist, NBF, nothing but failures as Mayor

Green… TBD. To be determined.


EEK-a-Ige and the yoyo of death response to the plague.

Stupid, Stupider, Stupidest

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Dipshit Watch…. Joe Exotic reminds me of another dipshit… Duane “Dog” Chapman similar bad mullets.

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Stupid NY Times article on ‘polling’

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“It also helps explain why recent polls show that a majority of Democrats would rather see the party become more moderate than move leftward, even as progressives clamor for a Green New Deal or Medicare for all.”

What does ‘more moderate’ even mean other than empty pleasant sounding words on a page.


Bustos begins looking like Wasserman Schultz

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thus placing us on the road to another disaster like 2016

Piers Morgan, stupid in the way that only upper class Brit Twits can be

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A truly astonishing species like sparrows on  the Galapagos.


Here’s another… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob_Rees-Mogg

Don’t blame the nanny who ‘mostly raised’ him. She has an acceptable version of the Nuremberg defense.

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