The CPC-run PRC has nothing to offer humanity in terms of freedom

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The CCP-run PRC does, cough, cough, “medicine”. A political party doing medicine is doomed…

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PRC Science Watch… They say “science”. I say “shite”.

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PRC Science Watch—
“We would like to retract our article entitled “Aspirin inhibits growth of ovarian cancer by upregulating caspase‑3 and downregulating bcl‑2”, published in Oncology Letters 12, 93‑96, 2016, for the following reasons. First, we found that certain of the results of the study were too preliminary. Secondly, the p53N236S mice were obtained from an unreliable source, and therefore their genetic background may have been uncertain, which could have added to the lack of confidence in the results. Lastly, the manuscript was completed and submitted by the first author, Lin Li, without the prior consent of the other listed co-authors and the corresponding author. The last three co‑authors (FD, XJ and WZ) have confirmed that they were not aware of being listed as co‑authors, and they were not involved either in the research or in submission process. As a result, we have decided to retract the article from publication. All the named authors agree to this retraction. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that might result from the retraction of this article.”

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