Totalitarian CCP-run PRC will militarize everything that can be? Why? Not to play nice for sure.

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The term megaparasite comes to mind.

Organ harvesting in the CCP-run PRC… no surprise

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When a culture sets up the state as an object of worship, then the state, being god, can do no wrong. thus organ harvesting is “okay”.

Giving a ‘gift’ you can’t refuse because that is what totalitarians do…

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Anyone coming from the CPC-run PRC in any sort of official capacity has been politically vetted by the totalitarians and can be presumed [rebuttably] to be a totalitarian agent.

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UCSD doctor resigns amid questions about undisclosed Chinese businesses

This tells you all you need to know about “law” in the CPC-run PRC… there is no rule of law

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If it is from the PRC, it is from the CPC…

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any company of any size or importance from the Peoples Republic of China is controlled, in the same way a boa constrictor controls its prey, by the totalitarian Stalinist-Leninist Communist Party of China. To thing otherwise is quite dangerously naive…


If you are from the PRC, you are also from the CPC…

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because that is what totalitarians do.

The CPC-run PRC has nothing to offer the world in terms of human freedom…

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Excreta in CPC-controlled Chinese Science writing from Atlantis Press

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The Implication of the Interaction Between Excellent
Traditional Culture Education and the Cultivation of
Socialist Core Values
Baozhi Wang
Hunan Judicial Police Vocational College
Changsha, China 410205
Guo Yang
School of Marxism
Hunan Normal University
Changsha, China 410081
Abstract—The interaction between excellent traditional
culture education and the cultivation of socialist core values is
the continuation of historical pulsation, the inheritance of
national spirit, and the call of the mission of the times. To
further promote the benign interaction between the two, we must
recognize it from the perspective of history and the times, focus
on the characteristics and social characteristics of the new era,
and better realize the free and comprehensive development
services of people.
Keywords—excellent traditional culture education; cultivation
of socialist core values; implication of the interaction



The CPC-run PRC “harvests” organs from prisoners it murders…

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