Any bets on when it catastrophically fails? Totalitarian Han Chinese Communist Construction. Any bets as to when the building self-deconstructs?

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the prevailing attitude is chabuduo, or ‘close enough’. It’s a phrase you’ll hear with grating regularity, one that speaks to a job 70 per cent done, a plan sketched out but never completed, a gauge unchecked or a socket put in the wrong size. Chabuduo is the corrosive opposite of the impulse towards craftmanship, the desire, as the sociologist Richard Sennett writes in The Craftsman (2008), ‘to reject muddling through, to reject the job just good enough’. Chabuduo implies that to put any more time or effort into a piece of work would be the act of a fool. China is the land of the cut corner, of ‘good enough for government work’.

差不多 chàbuduō {B} s.v./adv. ①almost; about ②almost equal/equally |

Wǒmen liǎ chàbuduō gāo.


The two of us are about the same height. |

Zhè liǎng jù huà de yìsi chàbuduō.


The meaning of these two sentences is about the same.

f.e. good enough | Bụ̀yào zài zēngjiā le, yǐjing chàbuduō le. 不要再增加了, 已经差不多了。 Don’t add any more. It’s good enough.

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