Obama described in verse

May 4, 2022 § Leave a comment

Obama should have gone ahead with his appointment, but we’ve already seen that he never missed an opportunity to back down.”

The defining summation of Barack Obama vis-a-vis the Republican Party (and right-wing policy generally), especially when it came to doing their dirtiest work for them by bashing the so-called “left wing” of his own Democratic Party. How quickly he went from “Hope” and “Change” to despair and the status quo. And with a Nobel Peace Prize for Endless War, too. The quintessential American example of:

Congenital Stockholm Syndrome

He started by giving up quickly,
Surrendering early his case.
He offered to kiss their asses.
Replying, they pissed in his face.

Their urine, he thought, tasted strangely;
Yet not at all bad to his taste.
He’d gotten so used to it, plainly.
Why let such a drink go to waste?

The people who voted in favor
Of him and his promise of “change”
Now see in his many betrayals
A poodle afflicted with mange.

Each time that the surly and crazy
Republicans out for his skin
Condemn him for living and breathing,
He graciously helps them to win.

He’ll turn on his base in an instant
With threats and disdain and neglect
While bombing some Muslims so Cheney
Might thrill to the lives that he’s wrecked.

A black man in love with apartheid
He offers his stalwart support
To Zionists and their extortion
With “More, please!” his only retort.

A masochist begging for beatings
Obama takes joy in abuse
Receiving just what he has asked for
Which makes him of no earthly use

The little brown men that he’s murdered
In homes far away from our land
Bring profits obscene to his backers
Who give him the back of their hand.

Obama seeks praise from the vicious
Republicans, no matter what.
He suffers, apparently, nothing
So much as his need to kiss butt.

Michael Murry, “The Misfortune Teller,” Copyright © 2011

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