They say ‘investment’. I say ‘in-waste-ment’

April 8, 2022 § Leave a comment

A decision by the same political class and same mindset, and not a few of the same individuals, who thought that Rail was a ‘good idea’.

Sometimes doing nothing is the smarter move. But this political class and mindset has been doing ‘something’ since it thought the Alawai was ‘good idea’; and the SupaDupa Ferry; and the design of the H1. It doesn’t execute all its bad ideas, for example Ski Mauna Kea wasn’t done, but the list of failed, expensive, bad ideas [including what will in the not distant future be the Venice of the Pacific] Waikiki keeps growing. The old Stadium was poorly sited, poorly designed, poorly constructed, poorly operated, poorly maintained. It was not an investment, but an ‘in-waste-ment’.

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