The reactionary majority on the US Supreme Court makes it a non-court, just a gang of robed politicos who love secrecy.

November 30, 2021 § Leave a comment

No respect for the present Supreme Court majority.

There are 6 illegitimate justices and 3 legitimate ones.

Thomas is illegitimate as a perjurer about Anita Hill and unethical. He should have recused himself from Bush-Gore due to his wife’s conflicts of interest. She was collecting résumés for Bush II.

Roberts is illegitimate having been appointed by the illegitimate Bush II who was illegitimately appointed to the presidency by an illegitimate Bush v. Gore Supreme Court majority consisting of: 1. Unethical Rehnquist who had perjured himself about his AZ voter suppression activities. 2. Unethical Thomas; 3. Unethical Scalia who should have recused himself as his son was on the Bush II campaign; 4. Unethical Kennedy who later resigned for purely partisan and private political reasons to arrange his personally selected replacement-sexual predator and perjurer Kavanaugh to be appointed; and, 5. Unethical O’Connor who should have recused herself for bias she evidenced in her statements about Gore.

We now [2020] have illegitimate and unethical Thomas. Illegitimate Roberts replacing unethical Rehnquist. Illegitimate Alito appointed by illegitimate Bush II to replace unethical O’Connor. Illegitimate Gorsuch appointed by unethical sexual predator Trump to the seat Pres Obama was constitutionally entitled to appoint to, but prevented by unethical oath-breaker Senator McConnell. Illegitimate Gorsuch replaced unethical Scalia. Illegitimate predator and perjurer Kavanaugh was appointed by predator Trump to replace unethical Kennedy. Illegitimate Coney for Ginsburg.

We are into a second generation of unethical and illegitimate “justices”.

There are four ethical and legitimately appointed justices: Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan.

It’s no more of a Court than whatever the Supreme Court in Communist China is. It is criminal political gang in robes.

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