Some people there’s simply no ‘talking to’

November 6, 2021 § Leave a comment

as they are not there to ‘conversate’ but to pep rally.

They are mentals with the vote and that’s a problem in a democracy.

“Ms. Neff, who owns a hardware store adorned with images of Mr. Trump as Rambo and the Terminator, was in Washington on Jan. 6 to support the former president — but refused to go into further detail. Citing false evidence, she called the coronavirus vaccine a “poison” and said she worried that Democrats were planning extermination camps of Mr. Trump’s supporters.”

How does a conversation with such a mentality go?

Vaccine as poison? That’s a mentally ill position

Extermination camps? That’s a mentally ill position.

Not all are capable of rational discourse.

Americans believe in voting so much that they allow the mentally ill the franchise. And we live the results of this choice.

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