The universe, even if a mindless process, is not necessarily unfair.

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The actual harm done by voluntarily unvaccinated individuals is mostly to other voluntarily unvaccinated individuals.
The universe is not necessarily unfair.

Gotta have a code. -Omar-

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Those whose worldview is bereft of universally applied principles, and based solely on tribal allegiances, assume everyone else is plagued by this very deficiency.

The reactionary majority on the US Supreme Court makes it a non-court, just a gang of robed politicos who love secrecy.

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No respect for the present Supreme Court majority.

There are 6 illegitimate justices and 3 legitimate ones.

Thomas is illegitimate as a perjurer about Anita Hill and unethical. He should have recused himself from Bush-Gore due to his wife’s conflicts of interest. She was collecting résumés for Bush II.

Roberts is illegitimate having been appointed by the illegitimate Bush II who was illegitimately appointed to the presidency by an illegitimate Bush v. Gore Supreme Court majority consisting of: 1. Unethical Rehnquist who had perjured himself about his AZ voter suppression activities. 2. Unethical Thomas; 3. Unethical Scalia who should have recused himself as his son was on the Bush II campaign; 4. Unethical Kennedy who later resigned for purely partisan and private political reasons to arrange his personally selected replacement-sexual predator and perjurer Kavanaugh to be appointed; and, 5. Unethical O’Connor who should have recused herself for bias she evidenced in her statements about Gore.

We now [2020] have illegitimate and unethical Thomas. Illegitimate Roberts replacing unethical Rehnquist. Illegitimate Alito appointed by illegitimate Bush II to replace unethical O’Connor. Illegitimate Gorsuch appointed by unethical sexual predator Trump to the seat Pres Obama was constitutionally entitled to appoint to, but prevented by unethical oath-breaker Senator McConnell. Illegitimate Gorsuch replaced unethical Scalia. Illegitimate predator and perjurer Kavanaugh was appointed by predator Trump to replace unethical Kennedy. Illegitimate Coney for Ginsburg.

We are into a second generation of unethical and illegitimate “justices”.

There are four ethical and legitimately appointed justices: Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan.

It’s no more of a Court than whatever the Supreme Court in Communist China is. It is criminal political gang in robes.

The golden rule of hunter-gather life is pretty simple:

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The golden rule of hunter-gather life is pretty simple: Do everything to bring the band together; do nothing to split it apart. Don’t sow division. Don’t hog up more than your share (of food, sex partners, attention). If you happen to be blessed with muscle, don’t throw it around. If you happen to be a great hunter or a dazzling beauty, don’t flaunt it over others. Be one of the good guys, in other words. Of course, if there’s an instinct in humans to get along with each other in groups, there’s also an instinct to get ahead. We proposed that agonistic structure in stories generally, not just in Victorian novels, reflects the ancient morality of hunter-gatherer life. Living in groups, as humans must, means constantly balancing our selfish impulses with group needs. Protagonists of stories properly balance individual self-interest with the needs of the group. In general, protagonists sacrifice their self-interest for the common good when the two are in conflict. Not antagonists. Pretty much the definition of a bad person among hunter-gatherers is the bad team player who reliably puts his or her own interests above the group’s.

Xi Jinpig… afraid of a cartoon

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Singapore, Beijing same oppression

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Slave States: CSA; Nazi Germany; Apartheidist South Africa; Totalitarian CPC-run PRC

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It’s not a government… it’s a totalitarian, racist-Han Chinese Communist Party faux-state.

There may be a tipping point when consumers in the US and the EU and elsewhere become so troubled with how China treats its Uyghur and Tibetan populations (see this and this) or how it is acting against Hong Kong or Taiwan or with its efforts to exert control outside China. These sorts of things are leaking out more of late as the bloom is off the rose and we are hearing more and more from our own clients (American and otherwise) saying that they are having employees refuse to go to China or consumers complaining about their goods being made in China. Take a company like Patagonia which has a stellar reputation for caring about the environment and people and even goes so far as to call itself The Activist Company; how much longer can it maintain its moral high ground while still having some of its products made in China?

The International Olympic Committee.. immoral, spineless, in it for the money and notoriety

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“The International Olympic Committee, as a civil nongovernmental organization, is strictly politically neutral at all times,” Bach wrote last year in a column published by The Guardian. “Neither awarding the Games, nor participating, are a political judgment regarding the host country.”

Not opposing evil, is supporting evil.

And what if Hell gets the games?

Why is the UH allowing a genocidal government access to Mauna Kea?

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Stephen Laudig <>Wed, Jul 28, 9:12 AM
to Amy

1. The University of Hawaii is partners with the PRC government and allows PRC government agents access to Mauna Kea. []2. The PRC government that UH is in partnership with is committing genocide in Tibet and Xinjiang. 3. #2 makes #1 wrong in every sense of the word ‘wrong’.

Some people there’s simply no ‘talking to’

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as they are not there to ‘conversate’ but to pep rally.

They are mentals with the vote and that’s a problem in a democracy.

“Ms. Neff, who owns a hardware store adorned with images of Mr. Trump as Rambo and the Terminator, was in Washington on Jan. 6 to support the former president — but refused to go into further detail. Citing false evidence, she called the coronavirus vaccine a “poison” and said she worried that Democrats were planning extermination camps of Mr. Trump’s supporters.”

How does a conversation with such a mentality go?

Vaccine as poison? That’s a mentally ill position

Extermination camps? That’s a mentally ill position.

Not all are capable of rational discourse.

Americans believe in voting so much that they allow the mentally ill the franchise. And we live the results of this choice.

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