Lying Shills for the Health Insurance ‘industry’ are back and

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Adolph, Joe, and Xi Jinpig….

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The totalitarian Han Chinese Communist Party, guided by Xi Jinpig thought is doing to Uighurs precisely what the totalitarian Soviet Communist Party, guided by Stalin thought, and the totalitarian German National Socialist Party did to Polish intellectuals and cultural leaders…. extermination..

America’s Shittiest Race Bigot Sourpusses. Their face is who they truly are ugly inside and out

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America’s Shittiest Senator from New York… since Clinton

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The senator has received $191,101 from Gibson Dunn’s PAC, lawyers, and their spouses in direct contributions and through her Off the Sidelines PAC — nearly half of which came from attorneys who worked to discredit Donziger on behalf of Chevron

The Slave Power Arises-

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The former Confederates had failed to build a slave empire, but they would not accept the demise of white man’s government. As the former Confederate general and subsequent six-term senator from Alabama John T. Morgan wrote in 1890, democratic sovereignty in America was conferred upon “qualified voters,” and Black men, whom he accused of “hatred and ill will toward their former owners,” did not qualify and were destroying democracy by their mere participation. Disenfranchising them, therefore, was not merely justified but an act of self-defense protecting democracy against “Negro domination.”

The cultural practices ancestor of the Trump block was the base of the Slave Power.

That the mere individuals are not the same is irrelevant. The cultural idea of racial superiority is continuous and the same even though evolving different slight details and appearances.

America’s Shittiest Yale Law Professor

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Moyn, a Yale law professor

Knowing how to do it versus know why it does

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What the ancient Romans couldn’t have known, though, is how crystals of the mineral leucite, which is rich in potassium, in the volcanic aggregate would dissolve over time to beneficially remodel and reorganize the interface between volcanic aggregates and cementitious binding matrix, improving the cohesion of the concrete.

“It turns out that the interfacial zones in the ancient Roman concrete of the tomb of Caecilia Metella are constantly evolving through long-term remodeling,” Masic says. “These remodeling processes reinforce interfacial zones and potentially contribute to improved mechanical performance and resistance to failure of the ancient material.”

the construction was of a process not of a fixed end result.

There is no fixed thing there is a process. so one constructs not a house but a thing that is ‘housing’ as a gerund.

SFOG-Contempt for such nits

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Building the rail not public confidence

Rail leaders must talk sense if they want our confidence

Last week Colleen Hanabusa told Hawaii News Now the top priority of the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation she chairs is “building public confidence.”

“The public has got to feel that HART knows what it’s talking about,” she said.

In the next day’s Honolulu Star-Advertiser, HART’s interim CEO, Lori Kahikina, gave a classic demonstration of how little the rail agency knows its business.

There are not enough incorruptible, competent-at-the-job individuals present in Hawaii’s 1.2 M population to do this. The corruption and incompetence of county governments and state government officials, employees and agents here, proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that culturally they are incapable of complicated expensive projects. Like asking high school class to conceive, design, build, and operate the space shuttle. Two words “im” “possible”. As impossible me ever running the 100 meter in 5 seconds. Or training a dog to speak a human language. The dog wants to, to please you, but ‘im’ ‘possible’. You can devote all your skill and assets working with the dog and it will never happen. Just as impossible as having competence blossom and spread among government [it is just as true for private sector but I get to chose there] officials, employees and agents. All HART debt is illegitimate debt and since we got no value, should not have to be repaid. The lenders knew of the situation.

[the totalitarian Han Chinese Communist Party- controlled People’s Republic of] China has no regard for rule of law and due process.

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and in this Trump is no different

To make matters worse, precisely when Meng was being detained in the Vancouver airport, former president Trump and President Xi were meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the sidelines of the G20, to negotiate a resolution to the trade dispute. Trump apparently was not informed of Meng’s detention until after his meeting with Xi ended. Had he known, Trump could have explained the reasons for seeking Meng’s extradition and reduced the likelihood of Chinese retaliation. Instead, the Chinese leader may have concluded Trump intentionally deceived him, making China more determined to strike back. On top of all of this, Trump’s statement soon after that he might consider releasing Meng if China met his trade demands likely reinforced Beijing’s impression that the case was merely a hardball negotiating tactic—a game officials were willing to play. Trump’s words did not derail the extradition process, but they could have undermined the U.S. legal position had there ever been a criminal trial.

Manchin and Murder

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When you increase the stress on the most stressed in society you are culling/killing them. Manchin the murderer.

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