The American disease described…

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People get sick while traveling; it happens. But what was especially troubling about this case was that one of the family members hadn’t made the trip to Wuhan, yet had still become infected with the new virus after several days of contact with family members. It was a clear sign the virus was potentially transmittable between people. Just as chilling: One family member — a 10-year-old who was later described in the medical journal The Lancet as being “non-compliant to parental guidance,” seemingly because he didn’t wear a surgical mask during the Wuhan vacation like another child on the trip — had become infected yet didn’t demonstrate any symptoms of the virus. That was great for him, but awful for everyone else. To Zhang and others, it meant many more asymptomatic people in the country and elsewhere could already be carrying and spreading the new virus, without anyone knowing they had been infected.

Mimic nature or create peril

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Many of the wild animals that were butchered in the Wuhan markets are susceptible to infection and can transmit viruses. And they were often stored in cramped, unhygienic conditions, making it easy for pathogens to jump species. The storage and handling of the animals has long been a matter of concern, partly because similar conditions led to serious problems elsewhere in the country. In 2002, the SARS-CoV coronavirus first appeared in and around a similar market in the southern Chinese city of Foshan, about 621 miles from Wuhan. More than a third of the early patients who developed the SARS disease were food handlers who likely had close contact with some of these same animals.

The less nature imitating the circumstances humans create, the greater the likelihood of danger and risk and risk of an ‘unnatural’ kind.

This is why I read Taibbi

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When Barack Obama was elected on November 4th, 2008, America’s political landscape appeared altered permanently. Obama’s “realigning” victory put his party in full control of the state, armed with a whopping 78-seat advantage in the House and a 59-41 edge in the Senate. Conventional wisdom held that the combination of massive youth and minority turnout and Obama’s re-conquest of so-called “Reagan Democrat” districts was a knockout blow to Republicans from which they’d never recover. The demographic picture was only going to get less white going forward, leaving Republicans, as the New York Times put it on Election Night, “contemplating where they now stand in American politics.” Pundits were convinced merely competent leadership by Obama would leave Democrats with a permanent supermajority.

What happened over the course of the next eight years, when the dream of forever-rule evaporated and the Democrats found themselves having to explain being vanquished by a foul-mouthed game show host, is the subject of Meltdown. To this day, the all-but-mandatory explanation for the Democrats’ 2016 disaster is a combination of racist reaction and Russian interference. Though race certainly played a significant role, the deeper explanation, still taboo, is the perception that the Obama administration’s handling of the 2008 crash was both corrupt and profoundly disillusioning. When the SS America struck an economic iceberg, the country watched Democrats fill the lifeboats with guilty bank CEOs, then waved from the horizon as everyone else went down with the ship.

I would only add that this failure relates to lobbyists and bribes and people like Max “Fuktard from Montana” Baucus. Opposed Single Payer.

“Obama expressed deep frustration with Baucus regarding negotiations over the Affordable Care Act saying “A part of me wanted to get up, grab Baucus by the shoulders, and shake him till he came to his senses.”

“Baucus has been criticized for his ties to the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries, and was one of the largest beneficiaries in the Senate of campaign contributions from these industries.[45] From 2003-08, Baucus received $3,973,485 from the health sector, including $852,813 from pharmaceutical companies, $851,141 from health professionals, $784,185 from the insurance industry and $465,750 from HMOs/health services, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.[56][57] A 2006 study by Public Citizen found that between 1999 and 2005 Baucus, along with former Senate majority leader Bill Frist, took in the most special-interest money of any senator.[58]

On December 26, 2013, President Obama announced his intent to nominate Baucus to the post of Ambassador to China[66] The President submitted Baucus’s nomination to the Senate on January 7, 2014.[67]

Later career

Max Baucus served on the Board of Advisors to Alibaba Group until May, 2019.

This Alibaba connection is how the Chinese Communists bought Baucus.

Lying Shills for the Health Insurance ‘industry’ are back and

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Adolph, Joe, and Xi Jinpig….

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The totalitarian Han Chinese Communist Party, guided by Xi Jinpig thought is doing to Uighurs precisely what the totalitarian Soviet Communist Party, guided by Stalin thought, and the totalitarian German National Socialist Party did to Polish intellectuals and cultural leaders…. extermination..

America’s Shittiest Race Bigot Sourpusses. Their face is who they truly are ugly inside and out

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America’s Shittiest Senator from New York… since Clinton

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The senator has received $191,101 from Gibson Dunn’s PAC, lawyers, and their spouses in direct contributions and through her Off the Sidelines PAC — nearly half of which came from attorneys who worked to discredit Donziger on behalf of Chevron

The Slave Power Arises-

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The former Confederates had failed to build a slave empire, but they would not accept the demise of white man’s government. As the former Confederate general and subsequent six-term senator from Alabama John T. Morgan wrote in 1890, democratic sovereignty in America was conferred upon “qualified voters,” and Black men, whom he accused of “hatred and ill will toward their former owners,” did not qualify and were destroying democracy by their mere participation. Disenfranchising them, therefore, was not merely justified but an act of self-defense protecting democracy against “Negro domination.”

The cultural practices ancestor of the Trump block was the base of the Slave Power.

That the mere individuals are not the same is irrelevant. The cultural idea of racial superiority is continuous and the same even though evolving different slight details and appearances.

America’s Shittiest Yale Law Professor

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Moyn, a Yale law professor

Knowing how to do it versus know why it does

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What the ancient Romans couldn’t have known, though, is how crystals of the mineral leucite, which is rich in potassium, in the volcanic aggregate would dissolve over time to beneficially remodel and reorganize the interface between volcanic aggregates and cementitious binding matrix, improving the cohesion of the concrete.

“It turns out that the interfacial zones in the ancient Roman concrete of the tomb of Caecilia Metella are constantly evolving through long-term remodeling,” Masic says. “These remodeling processes reinforce interfacial zones and potentially contribute to improved mechanical performance and resistance to failure of the ancient material.”

the construction was of a process not of a fixed end result.

There is no fixed thing there is a process. so one constructs not a house but a thing that is ‘housing’ as a gerund.

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