Alawai or Natatorium or Super Ferry or Snail Rail Fail? Which will it become?

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The American-chosen individuals who govern in Hawaii have, now for more than 125 years, shown a true talent for ineptitude: Think Alawai, etc.

At the bottom of University Hill sits a new, seriously ugly building, that meets the same description: rooms for students and commercial ventures ‘servicing’; ‘serving’; or ‘exploiting’ the university population.

The artidle:

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – A new chapter begins in Manoa as crews tore down the old Atherton YMCA building.


The Mary Atherton Richards House is being razed to make way for a UH student housing and an innovation center.

SL: In light of COVIDs, plural, building housing for students who will be taking classes remotely seems extraordinarily dumb. the future is on line, not in bricks and mortar.

The 90-year-old Charles Atherton House next door, better known as the pink building, will stay but will undergo renovations as a part of the $70 million project.

The University of Hawaii says former bank president Rich Wacker and his wife Eileen have committed a $250,000 gift in support of the project.

SL: WOW. chump change

“We think this project is a clear demonstrative statement by the university of its commitment to entrepreneurship, innovation and diversifying the economy of Hawaiʻi for our kids and for the community,” said Rich Wacker, chair of the UH Foundation board of trustees. “The unique thing about this is the live, work, study aspect of it—it’s unique among universities across the country.”

SL: We shall see.But doesn’t this breathlessness sound familiar? Just PRBS.

Demolition of the existing building is expected to wrap up in November. Work in the ‘pink building’ will follow.

When the work is completed in 2023, the new UH RISE facility will be operated by UH Manoa’s Shidler College of Business Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship. It will feature 7,263 square feet of multi-purpose space along with 374 dorm beds for undergraduate and graduate students.

UH adds that no taxpayer funds are being used for the project, and it is being developed by a public-private partnership between UH, Hunt Development Group and the UH Foundation. The one-acre site on University Avenue was bought in 2017 for $8 million. UH says the tax-free bond financing will be repaid using dormitory fees.

SL: THE ABOVE PARAGRAPH IS A PACK OF DECEITS: Taxpayer funds were paid to UH personnel to eff around with er I mean “promote”. Lie/falsehood #1

Taxpayer resources are used for the UH Foundation.

Tax-fee bonds paid back by public university students. And taxpayer resources are used in dealing with the students.

“Our main passion is for the next generation of people in Hawaiʻi to think differently in a more interdisciplinary way and to be trained for the uncertainty that we’re all going to face in the business environment,” Eileen Wacker said. “We think of it not as a donation but an investment because it’s what we would want our kids to have.”

SL: I don’t even know what this pr language is trying to say: “interdisciplinary way”; trained for ‘uncertainty’. How the Wackers think about it isn’t how it is. Let’s see how authentic they are and see what isn’t named “Wacker”.

SL: Walk around the UH campus. The awfulness of the architecture and design is breathtaking. It resembles a low security prison or insurance company compound. Ugly doesn’t capture it. It is heroically ugly.

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They say ‘contributions’. I say “Bribes” as in payment for services rendered or to be rendered.

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What dopes in SF are doing with trash cans, other dopes, in Honolulu are doing with rail.

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THCCP-run PRC no friend of the indigenous…

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Wokeness into a Deleuze-ion-al State– Some actions self-parody

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Crime Wave [continues to] Sweep Honolulu Police Department and other Law Violation err “Enforcement” Agencies.

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They say ‘investment’… I say ‘corruption’…More bribes and corruption … Congress criminals

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They say ‘contribution’. I say ‘bribe’. Richard Neal, bribee. Insurance companies, bribers…

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TFTD: Is police perjury attempted false imprisonment which uses the judicial process as the weapon?

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They say “campaign contributions”, I say “bribes”.

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