The curious matter of time spent [not] deliberating

August 19, 2021 § Leave a comment

The Curious Matter of the Judge that Didn’t Deliberate: [Apologies to Mr. Doyle]

Close of evidence…..Almost no time to digest several days of evidence… moments later Judge William Domingo rules on three days of evidence.

I wonder when he had made his decision. And this is a phenomenally _____ [you fill in the blank] line of thinking:

“In his ruling, Domingo said he took into consideration the fact that officers were in a pursuit and that the suspects were actively evading arrest, which he considered a “provocation.” He said the video and audio evidence was particularly compelling and illustrated the dynamic situation the officers were facing. He compared the threat to “a caged animal” and said the danger was “always present.”

Allowing “provoked” policemen to shoot the one ‘provoking’ them means what exactly? “Police” that act on provocation are not really policing themselves. Police allowing themselves to be provoked are dangerous to us all.  Some police are probably self-provoking or look forward to the opportunity to be violent the Judge has given them if they are “provoked.” A provoked person is no longer dispassionately performing the duties of the office. They have lost their ability to think. If they cannot control themselves they shouldn’t have the uniform. This “provocation” allows shooting doctrine of Judge Domingo is very dangerous. In a way he has ruled that if a policeman is provoked that is a defense against being charged. Sounds very much like blame the victim for getting himself shot because he was provoking and doesn’t focus on the need for any shooting. Stated another way the Domingo Doctrine is: Under certain circumstances that they [the police] may control or influence, they can shoot someone who provokes them sufficiently. It is a “he made me do it” defense. A special “police only” [think “whites only” in the Confederate South where grand juries wouldn’t indict, prosecutors [doesn’t apply here] wouldn’t prosecute, and juries wouldn’t convict whites, while the summary execution of blacks, lynching, was common] defense is available. The factor allowing immunity from prosecution and impunity is not skin color so much as uniform. A shooter wearing blue can shoot anyone not in blue [at the time of shooting, occasionally cops brutalize one of their own but not knowingly and oddly, always a non-white not wearing blue. So in a tie between skin and uniform, skin wins.

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