Forget the mask… Alert to Red State Readers… here’s the COVID cure you’ve been [not] waiting for

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Obama and his team. Represents himself as nice guy. Employs vicious creeps

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List Obama’s accomplishments,

  1. Least possible health care.
  2. There is no second

I recommend old school… a mechanical dewormer.

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They say “SHOPO”, more like RICO

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Impeaching judges isn’t that big a deal. It is simply reversing a mistake made

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These, cough cough, ‘judges’ and ‘justices’ will fuk their political opponents till the Democrats bleed from their eyes, ears, nose, and mouth until these politicians in robes are ‘diselected’. Impeachment? no big deal because they lied during the appointment process by promising to be ‘non-political’. that lie was perjury and a removable offense.

A Belief…

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“… a belief that no society is good whatever its intentions, whatever its utopian and liberationist claims, if the men and women who live in it are not free to speak their minds.” Izzy Stone-The Trial of Socrates, Preface, ix

If I need some money err shirts laundered… Cayetano for bagperson err Governor

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She supported Blangiardi who thought that voting for Trump in 2016 was a good idea [I don’t recall if he ever copped to voting for Trump in 2020]. She’s a Republican who’s laundering herself as a Democrat.

Cayetano crook

Caldwell even worse, a lobbyist, NBF, nothing but failures as Mayor

Green… TBD. To be determined.


EEK-a-Ige and the yoyo of death response to the plague.

The Totalitarian Han Chinese Communist Party-run Peoples Republic of China is a cruel regime regardless of how effective it’s poverty relief programs…It has thought crimes.

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No one ever lost betting on stupid when it comes to HPD

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Money wasters


I wish they were lazy about murdering err “killing” people.

Who are Buffalo Girls? And why won’t they come out tonight and dance by the light of the moon?

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Inquiring minds.

Disappointed. I thought it was more interesting than a geographical reference. I thought it might be ‘racier’.


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