Case and Kahele don’t object to this and favor suppressing discussion of it.

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While people around the world were told to stay home due to the pandemic, Israel made more Palestinians homeless in 2020 than it has in years.

Israel demolished and confiscated more than 850 Palestinian structures throughout the year, displacing 1,000 people. More than half of those displaced were children.

Israel targeted almost any kind of structure Palestinians need for sustainable life, including homes, agricultural buildings, infrastructure and water sanitation facilities.

What is Allah up to?

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“In April, Tariq Jamil, a popular Islamic preacher, used a televised sermon that was attended by Mr. Khan to assert that the virus was God’s wrath over women dancing and dressing immodestly. In another video spread on social media, Kaukab Okarvi, a cleric, accused doctors of killing patients.”

God’s wrath at dancing women and the wearing of immodest dresses is what this dopey cleric claims is causing COVID. Allah has a pretty bad aim as many non-dancing, non-women, not wearing immodest dresses are dying. Mr. Jamil needs to have a chat with “Da Man.”

Is Trump’s failure in COVID so unusual for the US? I say, “no”.

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Trump’s failed war on COVID shares features with the following failed:

  1. war on drugs
  2. war on poverty
  3. war on Vietnam
  4. war on Afghanistan
  5. war on Libya
  6. war on Syria
  7. war on ‘crime’
  8. responses to hurricanes during Republican administrations
  9. responses to depressions during Republican adminsitrations

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