Just Another Anti-Muslim Biden Bigot from Hillary

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Ed Case and Kaiali’i Kahele approve of this practice by the Zionist government of Israel. They also favor criminalizing protests of it.

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There are libertarian liberals and fascist liberals. Guess which is which

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Interesting Engineering leaves out the dirty, corrupt, empire under-story of bribes and lawless intervention by the US to steal.

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“I am Ed Case.” and “I am Kaiali’i Kahele.” We approve of this brutality by Zionist born of bigotry against Palestinians.

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Ed Case and Kaiali’i Kahele approve of these crimes and also approve of censoring those protesting them.

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A look at the last year in the US-Iran relationship reveals why. After assassinating Suleimani, Washington made other decisions that were devastating for Iranians. While Trump wavered and shrugged in the face of the pandemic’s toll in the United States, he was focused and relentless when it came to making life worse for Iranians. Even as the pandemic exploded, the United States intensified a decades-old sanctions regime, hurting the Iranian medical industry and impoverishing millions of Iranians.

Washington ratcheted up military hostility too, doing just about everything to provoke Tehran short of actually invading Iran. It moved aircraft carriers to Iran’s coast and kept them there for the entire year. It added thousands of troops to the region in countries surrounding Iran, where they joined the many thousands who were already stationed there. It armed and encouraged its allies Saudi Arabia and Israel in their own actions targeting Iran. 

In fact, the year was bookended with the assassination of another high-profile Iranian, nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh in November. Fakhrizadeh had long been targeted by Israel, and a US official has said that Tel Aviv was behind the killing, though Israel officially denies it.

In the days after last January’s assassination, when the United States and Iran stood on the brink of greater conflict, Americans in multiple cities rallied, denouncing war. Crucially, Tehran showed restraint in its response, carrying out a limited attack on US bases in Iraq calculated to show that Iran could not be stepped on without a response, while avoiding American casualties.

Ed Case and Kaiali’i Kahele, being either Zionists, Israeli Firsters, or fellow travelers, presumably approve of the flage of Israel being flown with the Confederate Flag

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Debt and Slavery…. Debt is slavery.

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Look at the manner of election to the US Senate or the voting power of a state’s senator as the problem or

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What the science seems to clearly suggest — and what people like Paul Slovic have observed for decades — is that society’s multiple overlapping crises can’t be solved when governing bodies composed primarily of White men, who are outliers in terms of risk perception, are tasked with making decisions about risks for the entire population. The individuals who hold power over decisions about what’s risky and what’s not should be representative of the community at large, and those individuals should have the agency and authority to be part of the final decision-making.

A legislature that doesn’t resemble the population is unrepresentative . An unrepresentative legislature is illegitimate in a democracy.

Race and Racism in the US, not just an explanation… the explanation for much of what the government does

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