Doing badly what shouldn’t be done at all…. seawalls for the wealthy.

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Mapping disappearing beaches in Hawaii

December 30, 2020


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Ash Ngu for ProPublica and Sophie Cocke for Honolulu Star-Advertiser show the harm of building seawalls on Hawaii’s beaches. The walls protect luxury beachfront properties, but they have been built through administrative loopholes and destroy

“Facile” misused, laughably so.

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Xiaoqing Chenadded an article

Facile synthesis of B,N-doped CQDs as versatile fluorescence probes for sensitive detection of cobalt ions in environmental water and biological samples

  • December 2020
  • Microchemical Journal
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adjective: facile

  1. 1. (especially of a theory or argument) appearing neat and comprehensive only by ignoring the true complexities of an issue; superficial. “facile generalizations”

Ms. Groves is a victim of racist bigotry in this sense.

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Ms. Groves is a victim of racist bigotry in this sense. She wasn’t taught the reality of racist bigotry. Racist bigotry, often I’d say, includes hiding its own existence. It gets you “asking” the wrong questions. It seems a shame that the nameless faces bureaucrats at the University are allowed anonymity. They, in their own way, I see as reprehensible as they are only concerned about face. I believe that had Ms. Groves not allowed herself to be pressured into “yielding the field” she could have prevailed. She violated no law and what she said weren’t really her words in the sense that she was a kid and you cut kids slack. What an awful and cowardly institution of higher learning she won’t be attending. That may be a good thing.

More Zionist Apartheid in “small, lonely, brave, democratic” Israel

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Israeli Supreme Court hearing on petitions against law held 22 December; Adalah: The law’s distinct apartheid characteristics guarantee Israel’s ethnic-religious character as exclusively Jewish, while anchoring discrimination and racism against Palestinian citizens.

The Role of the Poet

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“Indeed, theirs was one of the few cultures of which, as Jacques Soustelle has expressed it, “mankind can be proud.” 2 There remain, however, two aspects of Nahuatl culture which have been neglected all too long—literature and philosophy.”

— Aztec Thought and Culture: A Study of the Ancient Nahuatl Mind by Miguel León-Portilla

The human apes can’t not spoil what was once [an] Eden…

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Humanity taking the Earth from Heaven to a Hellish State

Trumpfukery… such a loser

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There is little doubt that Trump will be adjudged the worst president ever and one hopes that it is a record he keeps for a long time. In a week or so it’ll be a daily 9-11 death count. And the fix was available from the beginning. Trump has firmly established the falsity of the assertion of white supremacy.

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