Zionism, Nazism, Apartheidism, Jim Crowism

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all the same. All a form of genocide.


Why we “can’t” have nice things. the most expensive losingest military in the world spends all the money. Oddly “Grassroots” never mentions the military budget as something to be cut.

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Ben Cardin… Democrat… Liar [or poor source of information]… War Criminal… Unconstitutionalist

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Ask every Democratic candidate and officeholder about this..

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It would be political malpractice for Democrats to pursue any solution that is not permanent or at least based on automatic stabilizers that Trump can’t undermine. On a policy level, the coronavirus pandemic has merely brought to the fore existing inequality in the U.S. health care system. Tying health insurance to employment and therefore, ensuring a loss of insurance during times of unemployment, was a huge problem well before the crisis; the only real difference now is that it is happening to so many people at once. The fact that Congress is even exploring subsidizing COBRA is an admission that neither the existing COBRA nor the Affordable Care Act were properly designed to address what happens to a person’s health care when they suddenly lose their job.


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