Ige, a rare smart move… Let’s see if he sticks to it. Changsha versus Wuhan.

April 21, 2020 § Leave a comment


But in a news conference, Gov. David Ige said Hawaii isn’t yet ready to begin re-opening its economy.


Here’s an example of how smart plays work out:

Wuhan to Changsha: 340 kilometers or 211 miles.

Wuhan CV-19 casualties: “Officials placed the new tally at 3,869 deaths from the coronavirus in the central Chinese city, an increase of 1,290 from the previous figure. The number of cumulative confirmed infections in the city was also revised upward to 50,333, an increase of 325.



Changsha casualties: Essentially zero. But at the provincial level. Changsha, Hunan. Wuhan, Hubei

Province—————— Confirmed——————- Recovered—————- Deaths



Changsha swiftly went into a complete lockdown. Everything shut for 8 weeks. It is now [15 April] reopen and operating normally.


the longer the lockdown the safer we all are.


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