The US Federal Government is now being run like a Business…

February 12, 2020 § Leave a comment

The next time someone tells you that government should operate like corporations, like a business, tell them that Trump is how the corporate business model works—like a criminal gang with no accountability. Limited liability corporations insulate criminals from being held accountable for their actions because the “act as a corporation” not as a person. Limited liability is the largest subsidy to “business” as it means it can do harm and not be held fully, or even partially, accountable. Trump is how those who control corporations act. He’s done us a favor by ripping off the mask that propaganda err I mean “advertising” places over the actions of those who control corporations. Those who control corporations do not care about anything but the wealth. They are too rich for their own good and certainly for ours. And that unearned wealth means that Bloomberg is not different from Trump. Bloomberg has kept the mask on.


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