Totalitarian Death Threat

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Totalitarians “think” that “total control” is both “possible” and “desirable” when, in the real world, it is neither. Totalitarians can kill ya’ [midnight arrests and disappearances] and “get ya’ killed” by their theory. The totalitarian Han-dominated Chinese Communist Party thinks it “knows” and thinks it can “control”.

“Beijing knew what was going on all along and chose to keep the public and the world in the dark instead of deploying serious efforts to contain the disease when it could still be contained locally. Its responsibility for causing this mess to the Chinese people and the world is undeniable, though these days they are very aggressive in mobilizing its propaganda machine to control the narrative about it globally. ”

This attitude/approach may well work for poverty reduction; environmental protection; traffic control. Ordinary control matters. Not for epidemics.

Excellent Caixin piece on COVID-19: who knew what and when

Bloomberg, getting out the Zion First foreign voter

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Mark Mellman, just another foreigner influencing our politics.

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Pick a country, be loyal to that one. Dual loyalties don’t exist. There’s always one that is first. He is an Zionist firster.

Shitlister Pundits

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Joe Scarborough declared on Morning Joe today. “With his praise of dictators, who does Bernie remind you of?” Joe’s wife, Mika Brzezinski, then asked.

David Frum wrote in The Atlantic recently that Sanders was “a Marxist of the old school of dialectical materialism” for whom “class relations are foundational.” (Heaven forbid that we bring the issue of class into an election!)

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews perhaps topped everyone when he suggested that had “Castro,” the object of Sanders’ alleged praise, “won,” we would have seen “executions in Central Park.

Stephanie Ruhl, also of MSNBC, hosted Diamond Resorts CEO Stephen Cloobeck, a major Democratic Party fundraiser, who said on her show, Sanders is an “anarchist who would love to burn down the United States.

In a Freudian slip of the tongue, MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch last summer said Sanders is “more dangerous to this company…country…than Donald Trump. I would vote for Donald Trump, a despicable human being, if we had a socialist because that will bring the country down.”

Joining the chorus of attacks on Sanders that ultimately serve only to weaken the fight against Trump was Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who said Sanders “believes in an inflexible ideological revolution that leaves out most Democrats, not to mention most Americans.”




Red-baiting a key weapon in the war on the Sanders agenda








Red-baiting a key weapon in the war on the Sanders agenda

There’s stupid and the SFOG Stupid in the Islands…

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Even plagues have silver linings…

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Trump ensickens us all and is a perfect example of corporation culture.

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