Should anyone think the US hasn’t been racist since forever… Bhagat Singh Thind

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It is safer to simply not buy anything made in the CPC-run PRC….

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Forced Labor in China: Don’t Trust AND Do Verify


Zionism as Bigotism….

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The CCP-run PRC aims to train a population into being a society of faceless lab rats learning a maze via surveillance and punishment.

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Well Done CPC-run PRC, another extinction…

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The Chinese paddlefish (Psephurus gladius), a freshwater fish that could grow up to 7 metres long, is gone forever. The giant of the Yangtze River used its long sword-like snout, packed with electricity-sensing cells, to track its prey. The Gezhouba Dam cut off the paddlefish from its only spawning grounds upstream in 1981, and researchers estimate that the fish had become functionally extinct, without enough members to maintain the population, by 1993. “This is the first of these very large freshwater fish to go and many are at risk,” says fish biologist Zeb Hogan.

Refusing unlawful orders is a duty.

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A lawmaker who earned the Bronze Star during combat in Iraq as a Marine officer is denouncing President Donald Trump’s foreign policy as “rudderless,” and calling on active-duty military officers to question the orders they’re getting from the commander in chief and refuse to follow them if they’re not lawful.

Iʻm with Shaniyat. As long as there is a single homeless American why give money to any other country?

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Limitless US imperialism on display…

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Rome rules the world.

Augustus rules Rome.

Livia rules Augustus.

The US rules the world.

Zionists rule the US.




Under the Trump Rule this person is as “lawful target” as Qasem Soleimani. Pompeo is also. And any US General.

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Criminals rightly fear courts… Zionism’s criminals do too.

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