Another Reason to “just say no” to Peanut Butter-gieg

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Biden, Bayh, Lieberman were behind this act of class war to protect the banks.

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Clinton II Creation of a Narco State in Honduras… This was done with her approval when she was Sec State

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Never trust the totalitarian Han-dominated Communist Party of China-controlled Peoples Republic of China

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Being totalitarians, enamoured of Carl Schmittian juridical concepts [as was Adolph], they don’t believe in your freedom in any sense of the term that you would understand. They do believe they have the ‘right’ to totally control you and what you do and say.

They are the most recent enemy of human freedom following those they agree with [Lenin, Stalin] and those whose practices they adopt [Hitler, Pol Pot]


This is what totalitarians do. Though the NY Times should write “arrested” or “jail” or “imprisoned” or “kidnapped” not “detained”

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The NY Times lies in its headlines and subtitles… Morgan is not ‘far left’ unless Beatty is corrupt middle.

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Han Chinese Communist Totalitarians and the NBA Profitarians

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Han Communist Nightmare Society Being Created

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The Han-dominated Chinese Communist Party governs China. The Peoples Republic ‘government’ is just a front. Like a “mom-and-pop” grocery store is for organized crime. The CPC is now modelling Nazi-like behaviour. Unsurprisingly as it is studying and consciously adopting Adolph’s favorite judge-Carl Schmitt. The change has come since 2013 when Pooh for Life took office. This chauvinism about “hurting the feelings of the Chinese people”. “Peoples” don’t have “feelings”. I.Z. Stone said it well “that no society is good whatever its intentions, whatever its utopian and liberationist claims, if the men and women who live in it are not free to speak their minds.” The Han Communists may have eliminated poverty but they have not created a “Good Society”. 中国梦? 没有. 共产韩恶梦. [China Dream? No. Communist Han Nightmare]


Totalitarians in Action, the CPC-run PRC is on the Hitler Road

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The political class that is allowed to govern in the US-occupied Hawaiian Islands is conspicuously stupid and conspicuously corrupt..

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Acting prosecutor’s truth questioned after defending Katherine Kealoha’s actions

Acting prosecutor’s truth questioned after defending Katherine Kealoha’s actions
Acting Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney Dwight Nadamoto (Source: None)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) – Did the head of the Honolulu prosecutor’s office lie to a city council committee?

That’s what a shocked committee chair is now formally asking after hearing Acting Prosecuting Attorney Dwight Nadamoto defend several of Katherine Kealoha’s alleged misdeeds.

Councilman Ron Menor sent a letter to Nadamoto on Thursday and it included a warning that deception could cost him his law license and his job.

Nadamoto testified on September 24, before the committee on Executive Matters and Legal Affairs, regarding a resolution for law enforcement reform.

The resolution follows the conspiracy and obstruction convictions of ex police chief Louis Kealoha and his ex deputy prosecutor wife, Katherine, plus two Honolulu Police Officer, Bobby Nguyen and Derek Hahn.

Nadamoto started his testimony saying he wanted to clarify items in the resolution.

One of those items, that Kealoha went to traffic court urging a judge to throw out a speeding ticket for her electrician.

Nadamoto said the case was part of a bigger investigation into police corruption.

But multiple sources say that is not true and believe the city prosecutors investigation into public corruption was made up to cover up for Kealoha’s ticket fixing.

Kealoha also got a DUI dropped for a long time family friend, author Chris McKinney.

Nadamoto told council members that McKinney was a confidential informant, but federal prosecutors actually call him a co-conspirator in the indictment charging Kealoha with a list of drug crimes.

The third concern raised by Menor, involves Kealoha’s uncle, Gerard Puana.

Puana’s record was wiped clean of a 2011 conviction for unlawful entry into a dwelling after a dispute over a parking space with a neighbor.

In 2013, Kealoha directed one of her deputies to try to get the deferral reversed so that Puana would have a conviction on his record.

Kealoha was involved in a family dispute with Puana at that time.

“Mr. Nadamoto’s testimony suggests to me that he may not have thoroughly evaluated the pattern of corruption and abuses of power that occurred in his office,” Menor says he will allow Nadamoto time to evaluate the letter.

Another hearing on the resolution will be scheduled by the end of the month and Menor wants to publicly question Nadamoto about his statements.

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