Biden is now falsehooding about his record…

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But an examination of his record — based on newly obtained documents and interviews with nearly two dozen longtime Biden contemporaries in Washington and Delaware — indicates that Mr. Biden’s current characterization of his role is in many ways at odds with his own actions and rhetoric.


Whoever thought he’d be around this long? I did

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“We came in in 1980. Here it is 2019. Whoever thought we’d be around this long?” Bird said.

In English “paramount leader”, in German “der Führer”

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Führer (German pronunciation: [ˈfyːʁɐ], spelled Fuehrer when the umlaut is not available) is a German word meaning “leader” or “guide”. As a political title it is associated with the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. Nazi Germany cultivated the Führerprinzip (“leader principle”),[1] and Hitler was generally known as just der Führer (“the Leader”).

One of the Nazis’ most-repeated political slogans was Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer – “One People, One Empire, One Leader”.

One Belt, One Road, One [paramount] Führer.

Kamala Harris, unacceptable Clinton II clone

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Harris is a Clinton clone as is revealed by this, and other, actions… she shuts down investigations to protect the powerful thus inflicting more injury on the victims. Unacceptable.…/kamala-harris-san-francisco…/


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Biden- A do-little-or-nothing politician in do-something times. He has always been late to the dance and only begrudgingly will he assume [never really embrace] a progressive position. He is only now getting to where Sanders has been for two generations. Iʻm not sure Biden’s time is past or it never really was his time. Always bringing up the rear. He was only ever qualified to be Obama’s maître d′ or perhaps his greeter.

Mueller Statement

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To think critically is always to be hostile.. Hannah Arendt

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‘To think critically is always to be hostile,” the
political philosopher Hannah Arendt declared in
what turned out to be her last interview before
her death in 1975. Pointing out that critical thought always challenges and undermines
established rules and conventional wisdom, she added: “Thinking itself is such a dangerous

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