Theodor Adorno

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Theodor Adorno

There is no such thing as pure thought: thinking is a socio-historical form of activity, and there is nt a universal standpoint to discern “truth”.

‘Identity thinking’ is misrepresenting reality by putting specific phenomena under general, abstract classificatory headings.

‘Identity thinking’ is fundamentally concerned not to understand phenomena but to control and manipulate it.

The source of today’s disaster is the domination of nature and human beings by other human beings.

A critique of modernity must also be a critique of premodernity; a turn toward the postmodern cannot simply be a return to the premodern.

The instrumentalization of reason and positivism, morality is put under the invalid, “meaningless” category of subjective knowledge.

Intelligence is a moral category; the separation of feeling and understanding dismembers man into function.

The ‘culture industry’ promotes domination by subverting the psychological development of the mass of people in capitalist society.

The commodities of the culture industry are increasingly standardized, formulaic, and repetitive in character.

The standardization of music promotes a general condition of immaturity, prohibiting the exercise of any critical or reflexive faculties.

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