From the increasingly Tom Friedmanish Andrew Sullivan…

March 8, 2019 § Leave a comment

From the increasingly Tom Friedmanish Andrew Sullivan…
“Let’s get this out of the way first: Using the phrases “all about the Benjamins” and “allegiance to a foreign country” when referring to the Israel lobby in D.C., as freshman Democratic representative Ilhan Omar recently did, is anti-Semitic.”
No it isn’t. The allegation that Anti-Zionism [a political movement] is anti-Semitism [ethno-religio bigotry] is intellectually dishonest. It is an argument that is raised by individuals defending an aggressive, nuclear-armed, apartheidist, colonial state occupying territory it has no right to be in. It is a state which regularly commits war crimes and is presently genociding the Palestinian people. It has created the largest concentration camp in the world— the Gaza Strip. If US tax dollars were to cease flowing to it, a deal which addressing the situation would be made in a day.
Some US nationals feel a race/ethnic/religious/political loyalty and fealty to the state of Israel.
To claim otherwise is dishonest. Look at how these individuals vote in Congress and how they speak. They, in my opinion, have dual loyalties and display them. There is no other way to interpret their behavior than being “for” the Israeli state.
Those people with these divided loyalties should select one and become either an American-American or an Israeli-Israeli.
American-Americans could be friendly to a non-Zionist Israel. Zionists, not Semites, are the problem because they think their God gave them legal title to what only they call Eretz Israel. God doesn’t do land transactions. Einstein had it right about Zionism as did Arendt.

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