This generation of Republicans is just a 20something in a diaper in a dumpster which is about to catch on fire.

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Today’s ranking…

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Give this guy some time to get going…. he’s good….

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You say “selfie”, the evidence says ‘narcissism’

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Romance 2.0 on Instagram! “What Type  of Girlfriend Would You Date?”
S. Venus Jin1, Ehri Ryu2, and Aziz Muqaddam3

Americans have always had robbery with violence central in their society… what, after all, was slavery but that.

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What we know from histories like Stan Harrold’s study, about a couple of years on the border, and also from earlier studies on mobbing, almost all of the lethal violence, not murder which is interpersonal violence, but almost all of the social violence, or public violence of the antebellum period, is around slavery.

So, my sense is that antebellum Americans knew that slavery is a catalyzing agent that is unique in the way in which it draws people into stronger and stronger conflict that can escalate to the point of death.

The Calculus of Violence: How Americans Fought the Civil War
Tom Barber

They call themselves “Lawfare”… “Liarfare” is often a more descriptive name.

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More likely an opportunity for Americans to have a government that is less imperialistic and war criminalish.

Saudi Barbarian Kingdom aids and abets criminals in the US…

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