I wouldn’t take advice from a War Criminal. Would you? Max Boot

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In “Democrats Need to Beware Their Loony Left” (Washington Post, 2/13/19), conservative columnist Max Boot warned Dems not to “turn themselves into the far-left caricatures that Trump and Fox News would like them to become.”

Han Racism plus Totalitarian Communism plus Crispr leads to master race and don’t forget your Social Credit Score ….

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Bernie at 90 will be better than Barak at 50

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understanding the genetics is not, repeat not, understanding the risk of the genetics… they are risking ruin in ways they cannot even imagine.

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Bernie at 90 will be better than Barak at 50

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Postmodern philosophy affords a position of power within the academy because it arms the scholar with tools to pick apart everyone else’s work, without leaving itself open to objections or refutations.

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We have projected our impoverished manufacturing model of the world onto the world and attempted to stuff ourselves inside of it. This is more than a theoretical problem. Our literal, built environment is full of parts, but is lacking wholes.

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This generation of Republicans is just a 20something in a diaper in a dumpster which is about to catch on fire.

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Today’s ranking…

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Pres ranking 20190218

Give this guy some time to get going…. he’s good….

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