Always set the parking break and maybe chock the wheels…. there’s a message here…

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Lying with its name… US Institute of Peace … propagandizes for war…

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U.S. Institute of PeaceVerified account


Created by Congress, the independent U.S. Institute of Peace works to prevent, mitigate and resolve violent conflict around the world.

“Created by Congress” tells me all I need to know about this front organization

Leave the kids alone so they can glander…

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@golchhaJ Came across the French word ‘glander’ / ‘glandouiller’ through @nntaleb : “It means “to idle”, though not “to be in a state of idleness” (it is an active verb). Gandouiller denotes enjoyment. [It] is what children without soccer moms do when they are out of school.”

This is what totalitarians do… it is what the current totalitarian Han-Chinese communists centered in Beijing will always do… ask the Tibetans, ask Muslims in Xinjiang

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because they are beshitting themselves at how bad the economic news is…

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Sales of boxers and briefs are surging in Liaoning Province, according to The Global Times, a fervently nationalist tabloid controlled by the Communist Party, bringing a bit of good news to a down-and-out part of China’s rust belt that epitomizes many of the country’s economic problems. Cheered by the prospect of a brighter future, the article argued, Liaoning men are upgrading a part of their wardrobe that most of their friends and family will never see.


The West has less to fear from the totalitarian communist Han Chinese than it does itself…

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“Jorge Glas Espinel, vice president of the republic,” it says. “For having forged and envisioned this monumental project.”

Mr. Glas now sits in a cell in Ecuador, sentenced to six years in prison.

He was convicted of taking bribes from China’s main competitor for infrastructure projects in much of Latin America: Odebrecht, a Brazilian construction giant. American prosecutors say Odebrecht paid $33.5 million in bribes in Ecuador as part of a worldwide scheme to win business.

self inflicted wounds can be mitigated by executive branch term limits….

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the THCC [totalitarian Han Chinese Communists] will learn this late..

this is how courts should deal with corrupt ceos who bankrupt companies it is very unlike how they are rewarded by u.s. courts..

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justice is occasionally done…

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he wasn’t even there….

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