A few definitions:

August 25, 2018 § Leave a comment

A bullshitter: A bulshitter is not the same as a liar. A liar knows he is lying; a bullshitter does not In fact he is not even aware that a difference between truth and falsehood exists. The question is not what is true, but what works for him (and for her). Examples: Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump.

“America first:” A clear, perhaps even panicky, symptom of decline.

Conscience: An uncommon word, meaning that which prevents us from stealing a wallet even though there is no chance of getting caught.

A conspiracy: Often, what people imagine when they do not understand what is going on.

Courage: That which is shown by anyone who, having heard a joke being told about him, does not immediately expire of grief but demands compensation instead.

Creationism: Should be regarded as a particularly vicious form of stupidity, but unfortunately isn’t always.





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