Doing Adolph proud…

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The present government of China has little, or nothing, to offer in the way of human freedom or dignity.

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he was tortured and abused during 13 years of incarceration on American soil… that’s what endless war does to a culture.

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normalizes brutality…

Why should the US taxpayer foot the bill?

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The Prohibitionist Mentality at work..

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extreme right-wing political minorities conspired with foreign elites to overthrow the national status quo.– Hawaiian Islands 1893

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and many many many more.

Amathia-The higher, pretentious form of stupidity

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“The higher, pretentious form of stupidity stands only too often in crass opposition to [its] honorable form. It is not so much lack of intelligence as failure of intelligence, for the reason that it presumes to accomplishments to which it has no right … The stupidity this addresses is no mental illness, yet it is most lethal; a dangerous disease of the mind that endangers life itself. … [S]ince the ‘higher stupidity’ consists not in an inability to understand but in a refusal to understand, any healing or reversal of it will not occur through rational argumentation, through a greater accumulation of data and knowledge, or through experiencing new and different feelings … We may say that the reversal of a spiritual sickness must entail a spiritual cure.”

Bolton qualifies as a war criminal…

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