An increasingly repressive totalitarian state is arising in Communist Han China

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it will create a society of no non-government approved laughter or cheer. The corruption is in Beijing, not on the farm.

stay out of the clutches of mediocrity.

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Charles Bukowski
“invent yourself and then reinvent yourself,
don’t swim in the same slough.
invent yourself and then reinvent yourself and
stay out of the clutches of mediocrity.

invent yourself and then reinvent yourself,
change your tone and shape so often that they can never categorize you.

reinvigorate yourself and
accept what is
but only on the terms that you have invented
and reinvented.

be self-taught.

and reinvent your life because you must;
it is your life and
its history
and the present
belong only to

― Charles Bukowski, The Pleasures of the Damned
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US, and others, intervention in the internal affairs of the Han…

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Chinese Civil War: Air and Naval Forces 1946-49

He’s eager because, as is his wont, he is ‘color blind’ to factual truth.

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His lawyers are concerned that the president, who has a history of making false statements and contradicting himself, could be charged with lying to investigators. Their stance puts them at odds with Mr. Trump, who has said publicly and privately that he is eager to speak with Mr. Mueller as part of the investigation into possible ties between his associates and Russia’s election interference, and whether he obstructed justice.

War is a crime as it should be… long-term effects

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You say ‘social sciences’. I say ‘bullshit’. How to game it

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Silly predictable bullshit that passes as ‘social science’… you can judge a paper by its title

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…the social-psychology-article template, with features such as a double-barreled title with catchy phrase followed by a deterministic claim (“Poisoned Praise: Discounted Praise Backfires and Undermines Subordinate Impressions in the Minds of the Powerful”) and a lead-off celebrity quote (“Flattery and knavery are blood relations. — Abraham Lincoln”).

Divest from these

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Alexander’s was not an ‘army’ in any sense other than a criminal gang, or venture/vulture capitalists…

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Fearing his veterans, Alexander once more prepared his way with generosity. It was his oldest tactic, and one which had nearly saved him on the river Beas. The Susa weddings had been the most prodigal display of his career and none of the guests could have failed to enjoy it, but the common soldiers still needed more reward than the dowries for their mistresses. As a balance to his officers’ festivities Alexander announced that he was willing to pay off the debts of the entire army. Presumably, the soldiers were owed arrears of pay, as sufficient treasure could never have been carried in coin to keep them up to date in India, but it was not just the arrears that Alexander had in mind; they would also have lived on credit with the camp-traders, women and such quartermasters as were not paid in kind, and these debts remained to be paid to as many camp followers as survived to collect them.

Alexander and His Veterans I

My favorite creature in all Creation…

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