Supposing there is no decisive point, a situation of which Afghanistan [and I’d add Iraq and Vietnam] provides a particularly good example, not even the greatest military-technological superiority will be of much avail. The outcome is likely to be a long war which will finally be decided by attrition

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The US has the most expensive and losingest military in history… Losers since 1946 [unless you count Panama and Grenada, fraudulently argued for wars on the weak]

The current US government imitates the 1930’s governments of Germany and Japan when it comes to the [League of/United] Nations.

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Opinion polls, put his support in single digits while giving Putin an approval rating of around 80 percent.

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Slavery and Badges of slavery extended

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When you war on the weak, you are viewed as a bully…

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USG addiction to war…

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These deaths go on Clinton II’s and Obama I’s death card.

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