Who is ‘Phil Quinn” and why did he beshit himself?

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The Slaughter of the Innocents begins

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From the cleanest administration, Obama, to the ‘criminalist’ Trump

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Woody Wilson, KKK

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In 1917, the US president, Woodrow Wilson, baldly stated his intention, “to keep the white race strong against the yellow” and to preserve “white civilisation and its domination of the planet”.


Because you cannot have too many ‘facts’ to support the central fiction…

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end of empire

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TFTD: Doug Schoen and Stuart Rothenburg don’t really know anything and are pedestrian thinkers…

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Whatever their advice is? Consider doing the exact opposite.

If you got no game, you want others to be seen to have no game either…

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Chesterton on limits..

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The Unreal World of Business

With the intrusion of the logic of market exchange into almost every aspect of social life it has become a commonplace today to speak of business activity as the ‘real world’. [61] Furthermore, those who do not take part in this universal process of capital accumulation are eyed with suspicion—they do not, as the saying goes, ‘live in the real world’. For Chesterton, however, the society dominated by capitalist economics had a fictitious and unreal quality; whatever it was, it was certainly not the ‘real world’—‘The Thing’.

As we saw in Chapter Two, Chesterton believed that accepting a framework of limits was a key to perceiving the objectivity of reality. Now, a commercial society which had turned away from limited production for use and had instead instituted unlimited accumulation through exchange was not going to be one which was marked by a firm sense of reality. Chesterton believed that the modern mind had a tendency for “inhabiting an imaginary world almost without knowing it; of moving in a sort of dream amid the assumptions of a land of unreason.” [62]


The Wonder of the World: Hannah Arendt, G. K. Chesterton and Ecological Populism by Richard Gill

Finance is the Slave Power’s tool

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