why did the US and Britain not direct more of their aerial bombing campaign to destroy the Nazi infrastructure?

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Scalping, a white man’s game…

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For example, the Virginia House of Burgesses raised three fifty-man ranger companies and offered a bounty of £10 (approximately $2,000 in today’s currency) for each scalp of an Indian male over twelve years of age. Lieutenant Governor Dinwiddie noted that over the fall of 1755 and early winter of 1756, the rangers devastated many Native villages. In New Hampshire, Robert Rogers received permission to enlist experienced frontiersmen from Colonel Joseph Blanchard’s militia to become “Rogers’ Rangers.”

Rogers and His Rangers I

DC is now a 24-7-365 Twittershitshow.

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That’s not chicken blood on the Case chickens, that’s human blood.

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Pandering Pomoish

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Promiscuous Signification
Leprosy Suspects in a Photographic Archive of Skin
Adria L. Imada
Representations, Vol. 138 No. 1, Spring 2017; (pp. 1-36) DOI: 10.1525/rep.2017.138.1.1

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This essay assesses clinical photographs of leprosy patients created by the Hawai‘i Board of Health in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, or what may be the most extensive visual cataloging of indigenous, Asian, and immigrant bodies in America’s Pacific empire. Building on theoretical and methodological approaches to archives as a process rather than a source, I follow the trail of these clinical images through time and space, from their emergence within a photographic practice of medical management and segregation in Hawai‘i to their prolific circulation in transnational political and medical arenas. Offering spectacular evidence of the racialized and sexualized pathology of colonial peoples, these photographs were tightly regulated but increasingly viewed as clinical erotica after the United States incorporated Hawai‘i as a territory in 1900. The essay further suggests the “affective excess” that can disrupt the photograph’s medical surveillance, as social intimacies and care between Hawaiian patients bloom within the frame.


Remove the adjectives. Remove the adverbs. Rewrite into non-jargony English and what do you have?
I analyze photographs of patients [one wonders about the patient’s privacy aspects of the research but setting that aside] and how they were used and try to generate some sort of case that something happened other than what seems to have happened which is photography in the furtherance of medicine. Of course any analysis suffers from what pomoish would call ‘presentism’.

“This A assesses B of C created by D in the late E, or what may be the F of G in Building on A to B as a C rather than a D I follow the E of F through H and I, from their J within a K of L and M in Hawai‘i to N in O and P. Offering A of C, these D were E but F as H after the I incorporated J as a K in L. The A suggests the B that can disrupt the C as D and E between F bloom within the G.”

Strong arguments for neutrality

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Plataea 428 BC

Comparative slaveries [or serfs, or at will employees]

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Under Paul’s erratic rule, certain ukazy were issued to ease the burdens of the peasantry. A decree promulgated in April 1797, for example, laid down that landowners, some of whom exacted five or six days of labor a week from their serfs, should now require them to work only three days; the remaining three days belonged to the serfs for the cultivation of their own lands, and Sunday was for rest.
Czar Paul’s Reign

“Paul had antagonized the regular army and the gentry, the two main pillars of his throne, to the point where a palace revolution had become almost inevitable. The military governor of St. Petersburg, Count Peter Pahlen, was the leader of the final conspiracy. On March 11, 1801, he and several officers of the guard dined together and then set out for the Mikhailovsky Fortress, which Paul had ordered rebuilt for greater security. The sentries did not hesitate to admit the military governor and the officers with him. They made for the emperor’s bedchamber, but it appeared to be empty. Paul had heard them approaching and had hidden in the chimney of the fireplace, but one of the party noticed his dangling feet. They dragged him out, screaming for mercy. Someone struck him with a gold snuffbox and then strangled him with a scarf.”

A “Trumpal” end.

Let’s hear it for the Black Death….

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The Russians didn’t F with the US election, underskilled Macedonians, empowered and paid by Google et al., did. Blame Google, not Putin.

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Pomo-ists commonly conflate/confuse/mixup words as actions. Here’s an example

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“The president is the head of state, and hence his words will invariably have a real-world impact, whether or not they lead to formal laws or policies.”

Only if the message the words apparently are intended to convey are believed. Who would believe a single word Trump utters. They are all ‘bad checks’ or counterfeit money. The common law crime was ‘uttering’ as in ‘issuing’. Trump issues unreliable messages and so can be disregarded. Behavior is truth, words not so much.

Any any ‘pundit’ that ‘reads minds’ is full of something of less value than shit [which is in fact quite valuable as a fertilizer].

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