US intervention is British politics in the service of reationaries on display.

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One of May’s senior advisers, Jim Messina, who was Barack Obama’s campaign manager in 2012, derided the YouGov projection later on Wednesday.

There are no crimes like war crimes… Trump joins the club of war criminals…

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United States weighs backing the United Arab Emirates (UAE) plan to seize Hodeidah, it should consider that it could find itself not only potentially complicit in war crimes, but also closely aligned with one of UAE’s key strategic partners sustaining its war efforts in Yemen: Eritrea, a country subject to United Nations sanctions and alleged to have committed crimes against humanity against its population.

The last ‘war’ that was ‘won’ by the USG military….

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“His sentence was reduced by 10 years, and he was later declared a prisoner of war, allowing him access to a telephone, more visiting hours and even a small salary, among other perks.”

Making the world an ‘unsafer’ place… the USG military. can’t win a war since 1945 but can lose all the guns needed to fight one.

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Her only vision was her career. She never manifested any other ‘core unshakeable’ belief… and she is a war criminal

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But even among the lengthy list of failings outlined the book, one stands out as particularly flabbergasting: Clinton’s, and by extension her campaign’s, failure to formulate an actual vision for her campaign and presidency.

Tim Kaine, whose dullness was his chief benefit.

the deplorable clintons….

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Obama was trying to point out that people respond when you demonstrate that you don’t believe they’re unredeemable.

The US political system places science dopes in power, China’s has a different result

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