Everyone was taking their cut,” she adds.

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More US, and now Trump, war crimes.

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Torture Judge Jay Bybee doesn’t want to look behind another curtain, Trump’s bigotry.

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The Torture supporters… .KOZINSKI, Circuit Judge, with whom Circuit Judges BYBEE, CALLAHAN,
BEA and IKUTA join, dissenting from the denial of reconsideration en banc.

and the deep, despicable cynicism which allows them to favor torture.

“There is an anecdote, doubtless apocryphal, about Franklin Roosevelt
during a whistlestop tour. He had two speeches that took opposite positions on a
hot-button issue of the day. When the train stopped at a town that favored the
issue, he would give his “pro” speech. And in towns that opposed the issue he’d
give his “con” speech. One day he approached a town that his advisors told him
was divided evenly between the pros and cons. FDR’s advisers worried about how
he’d handle the situation, but FDR was undaunted. He gave a speech and when he
was done the pros in the audience believed he was in their corner and the cons
were convinced he agreed with them. And that, friends, is the nature of electoral

The same can be said for these political judges.

A Distasteful Encounter with William F. Buckley Jr.

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Trump watch: from the Hawaii decision

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Very little to disagree with here… Trump as Yeltsin as an economic theory eats society and culture.

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Why should Cambodians pay this? They shouldn’t

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