“Tragically, nonwhites, as might be expected, were excluded due to deep-seated racism; but for Europeans, the law welcomed victims of government oppression.” The US legal structure, racist from day 1.

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The Immigration-Obsessed, Polarized, Garbage-Fire Election of 1800

“Just Security” is mis-named it should be “Just Hegemony” as it always argues for empire.

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Because there are wars to pay for…

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One of the authors of current disaster returns to the public eye…. go away, stay away… become an Al Gore…

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If you are only channeling white males [‘originalism’] then you only need to hire whites to help you with the channeling.

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Gorsuch is a bigot, though apparently a pleasant conversationalist.


More US, and now Trump, war crimes.

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Humanity… the world’s longest running Gresham’s law experiment.

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