TFTD: A question is not an answer…

February 13, 2017 § Leave a comment

A question is often used to avoid giving an answer… especially an answer that is a falsehood or an answer to a question that everyone knows the answer to already.
Here are the Trump boys avoiding giving a lie and avoiding giving an answer..
[Expression tightening and voice rise is the reporter’s way of telling you his opinions that the Boys are lying… The defendant seemed anxious when being asked about the bloody knife found in his pocket with his fingerprints on it. His faced tightened and his voice rose.]
“The brothers’ expressions tightened and their voices rose when they were asked, in separate interviews, about suggestions that their father was using the presidency as a way to enhance the family’s profits.
“Who in their right mind would try to enrich themselves by spending a fortune to run against 17 seasoned politicians on the Republican side, to then go up against the Clinton machine, Wall Street, Hollywood, P.C. culture?” Don Jr. asked. “To use that as the way to enrich yourself is laughable.”
No Trump company than I am aware of actually “produces” anything of permanent value. Pure ephemerality is their product which is consistent with Trump’s “mind” hence the unconcern with truth. Hotels produce nothing but material waste. The jobs at hotels are, mostly, neo-slave jobs, not production jobs. [I respect the worker, not the ‘work’]

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