Trump’s Diktat will result in the death of innocents… not a conservative policy

February 7, 2017 § Leave a comment

And he will consistently occupy inferior moral ground in his treatment of those he pretends to disagree with or pretends to despise. It is to be remembered he, even more/less so than Clinton, has no lasting moral or ethical values. it’s twitter time in the moment governance as spectacle of distraction.

He is a barbarian allowed into the offices of power by a slavery-[because the only “real” property being protected in the 1789 Constitution was the institution of slavery. there wasn’t much dispute about the legitimacy of other, non-slave, types of property. The Brits were on the verge of ending slavery, that was the trigger and the constitution was intended, by many, to protect and preserve slavery. A barbarian in the white house. but is he ‘THAT’ different? Jefferson had sex with his slave property [or allowed/countenanced his dna relatives to]; Jackson was an ethnic cleanser; Tyler a war criminal before there were [supposedly] war crimes. s McKinley lied the country into war; ditto Wilson; Ditto Kennedy/Johnson; Ditto Reagan; ditto Bush I, Clinton I, Bush II, Obama. Trump isn’t ‘THAT’ out of the evolutionary line. He’s more like Tyler than Hitler. ruling an population largely inured to violence by the super bowl and GWOT. He is merely updating the “Yellow Peril” to the “Muslim Terror”. One wonders what happens to the nation if its citizen’s all begin to practice Trumpism. Perhaps it is its own punishment. Persons with no integrity [and Trump has none provable by looking at his commercial and personal behavior, isn’t inclined to treat others with dignity having neither dignitas nor gravitas probably reflecting the common human beliefthat others are like ourselves. A mistake made most severely by the Jews of Europe during Hitler’s World Tour 1939-1945. Having no dignity he treats no others with dignity.

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