der der Führer, der Trümpf… USA as the Fourth Reich

December 1, 2016 § Leave a comment

Since the end of the US war on Southeast Asia, a war that included Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia and lasted from November 1955 until 30 April 1975, the United States Government has behaved rather like the 1933-1945 German government by continuously warring on states posing no real threat to United States soil or residents. This listing of all military actions appears at

In alphabetical order:

Afghanistan-2001–present. War on Afghanistan

Balkans-1999. War on Serbia

Cuba-1961.War on Cuba: The Bay of Pigs Invasion.

Dominican Republic-1965 – War on Dominican by invasion of Dominican Republic.

Haiti-1994–95. War on Haiti: US invasion

Iran-1987. War on Iran. Attacks on two Iranian oil platforms in the Persian Gulf by United States Navy forces on October 19.

Iran-1988. War on Iran. USS Vincennes shoot-down of Iran Air Flight 655.

Iraq-1991. Inviting Iraq to war on Kuwait: U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie invites Hussein to invade Kuwait by saying: “We have no opinion on your Arab-Arab conflicts, such as your dispute with Kuwait. Secretary Baker has directed me to emphasize the instruction, first given to Iraq in the 1960s, that the Kuwait issue is not associated with America.

Iraq-1991. War on Iraq.

Iraq-2003–present. War on Iraq:

Libya-1986–Libya. War on Libya. Missle bombing of Libya by the United States.

Libya-2011–Libya. War on Libya

Panama-1989–90. War on Panama: United States invasion of Panama. 200 Panamanian civilians murdered. Panamanian head of state, Manuel Noriega kidnapped.

Serbia-1999. War on Serbia

Somalia-2011. War on Somalia. Drone strikes on al-Shabab militants begin in Somalia. This marks the 6th nation in which such strikes have been carried out, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen and Libya.

Somalia-2013. War on Somalia. US invasion raid.

Syria-2014–present. War on Syria

Yemen-2002. War on Yemen: Missile attack.

Yemen-2010-present. Massive weapons sales to repressive regime in Yemen.


Germany wars of aggression are well known.


Germany, der Führer, mentally ill, amoral head of state, first, then wars.

The United States wars first, then der Trümpf, amoral head of state, mental state uncertain, that he’s a liar is certain.

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